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A Whatsapp Epic from London

I arrived in London yesterday to begin a research project, and have been having a marvelous time exploring this vast, culturally vibrant, architecturally stunning city. I’ve been diving into seeing theatre: I saw Girl from the North Country at the Old Vic, Disco Pigs at Trafalgar Studios. Today, the saga of the £15 ticket for Angels in America Part 2:… Read more »

On Agency for Young Theatremakers and Self-Producing Plays

This summer, I was a grateful recipient of an Office of Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Grant (CTG) to produce my short play, Young Women of Valor in New York, at the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival (affectionately called OOB). This is, I imagine, an atypical sort of conference, and producing my OOB… Read more »

Weeks 8 and 9!

Hi everyone, Sorry for the brief hiatus! I have been preparing for a vacation with my family and seeing friends from home before they leave to start school again this fall. My most recent two weeks at work have been spent completing the last of my interviews. In the end, I was able to interview… Read more »

Origins, History, and Use of Event-Related Potentials

For my experiment, event related potentials (a measured brain response from some form of stimuli or motor event) were to be  measured through means of electroencephalography (EEG) of patients as well as from patient data of epilepsy patients from the University of Chicago Medical Hospital. Brain activity would be recorded and bookmarked with different stimulus… Read more »

Getting Started In Lab

Hi everyone – I’m approximately halfway through the research I’ve been conducting this summer; here are updates from the beginning of my time in the Grabowecky Lab! I started lab early June; because this was my first time doing research in the specific field of neuro-psychology, I began by lengthening the original review of literature… Read more »

Singapore: local food production –> increased food security

Finally, here’s a post that directly responds to a fundamental research question of mine: how do local farms contribute to a city’s food security? (In my last two blog posts, I’ve answered a similar question: why are local food organizations and non-production focused farms important to ensure Singapore’s food security? Local food organizations promote consumer…

Week Seven!

My interview and survey project is in full swing! This week, I interviewed 8 women who were currently undergoing or had recently undergone chemotherapy in order to learn what they would want in a technology-supported physical activity intervention. These women were recruited from a previous observational study at the Exercise and Health Lab, where I… Read more »

How can education and awareness increase food security?

In a continuation of my little how-the-heck-is-what-I’m-studying-related-to-food-security series, through this through this blog post, I seek to answer the following question: How can non-production focused farms (i.e. agritourism-focused or educational farms) increase a city’s food security? My short answer is the following: Agritourism & educational farms and other local food organizations teach urban residents about… Read more »