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TIGERS Rehearsals #5 and #6

Yesterday’s rehearsal was pretty straightforward vocal work. We went over songs in more depth than usual and made some minor changes. Most of the changes that are being made at this point are harmony fixes, cutting bars of accompaniment, and figuring out our performance vamps. The score has needed some notational polishing, and translating the… Read more »

Precious Finiteness

If you read my previous post, then you got a pretty good summary of all I’ve done in the two weeks following the midterm other than Plovdiv, classes, homework, flute, yoga, reading for fun, and occasional dinners with friends. (I will talk about the happenings of the most recent, third week since the midterm in… Read more »

Rehearsal #4 and Exploring Manhattan

Yesterday was quite a day. I went to my friend Summer’s apartment and did some much-needed practicing on her piano. Then I headed back to the rehearsal studio for another day of Tigers rehearsal. I realized during this rehearsal that a lot of my Dropbox updates weren’t being synced, so I spent a lot of this rehearsal… Read more »

Taiwan, July 30

So I’ve pretty much just stayed home these past couple of days, but I think I’ve been pretty productive.  I contacted a few new sources, and actually tomorrow, rather than staying home like I originally thought, I’m going to Neisi High School to do some interviews with students who recently graduated.  I have to leave… Read more »

7.20- 7.22 – Orland Grasslands

This was an enormous site! It’s part of the Cook County preserves. The size of the site meant that the three different sections we visited had visible differences in their soil, with the “Phoenix” section having much drier soil than the “North” section, for example. There were differences in seeding strategies between the sections too – Phoenix… Read more »