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The Movie as Memory

In the middle of November of 2014, I went with the families I was staying with in Mohali and Landra, Punjab, to see Harry Baweja’s animated film Chaar Sahibzaade (tr. Four Sons, Sahibzaade being a formal, respectful term for sons), which tells the story of Guru Gobind Singh’s four martyred sons: the teenage Ajit and… Read more »

Yuba City Sikh Festival, Part 3: The Generation Gap

It seemed appropriate to end this post with a sunset over Punjab. Photo taken on the outskirts of Punjab, over fallow fields.

“If immigration stopped tomorrow, these gurdwaras would be empty,” foretold Nandeep Singh, co-founder of Jakara Movement, in his presentation titled “Why Don’t We Care About Our Kids?” Jakara Movement is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness of Sikhism and Punjab among Sikh youth in the US, though the elders filling out Dashmesh Hall on… Read more »

Yuba City Sikh Festival, Part 1

I must confess this synopsis is months overdue, and that this particular post is weeks overdue (I’m not doing so well at my one-post-a-week average), but I’m about to take you on a tour of a festival that took place at the Sikh Temple of Yuba City, est. 1969, on the closing weekend of last… Read more »


Hello, readers. It has been many months since last we spoke, so I wanted to update you all on where I am these days. I am in California on a gap year and am taking full advantage of the chance to move freely about my home state, which is home to one of the largest… Read more »

A Final Reflection

I am not sure how to adequately sum up the experience of the last eight weeks. My paper will attempt to do that, but it will be formal and rigorously constructed. It won’t capture the joy I felt getting the experience of my dream job for a little while, the excitement of living in a… Read more »

Wrapping Up

My friend Bex was here for a few days and I haven’t posted as much because we were so busy. I sat in Les Mis and Wicked in the past week. Both were amazing experiences because I know both scores so well. The level of sound from Les Mis was fantastic because they do not… Read more »