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In challenges, we grow

I wake up late and plan to go for a run at the nearby campus track. I begin the motions of these plans, finding the right clothes, picking up my water bottle and stop myself. Check the AQI, I remember. It’s at an unhealthy level. I relapse into the confines of an air-conditioned bedroom, and wonder how an… Read more »

Into The Sticks

It was a sunny, blue skied Thursday afternoon. Having some time to kill, I smoked a joint as I meandered down the street towards the D Line. I had a long drive ahead of me and I wanted to make it as relaxing as possible, for I knew that the rest of my day would not… Read more »

Solo travel: where the mundane is exciting

I’ve written a lot about my research and the special sites of the trip, but of course there’s more to travel than the picturesque moments. Overall I probably spend a third of my waking hours doing research and a third experiencing local sites and culture. So what happens during the last third of the time?… Read more »

Week 1 Highlights

Yes, I’ve run out of clever titles. Regardless, I wanted to share some updates from my first week of research in Singapore! First, research related updates: I’ve been in the library about 6-8 hours a day Monday-Saturday, mostly because I hadn’t anticipated how long going through the microfilm would take me. I spent about 2… Read more »

Aestheticism/Moralism, Dance as Labor, and Ruth St. Denis (for the last time, I promise)

Thursday, July 14 and Monday, July 18 – “Divine Dancer” by Suzanne Shelton and “Sweating Saris” by Priya Srinivasan ALRIGHT. I’ve been slacking, so I’m gonna combine some books to make these posts more writable/readable/all-around palatable. So on Thursday 7/14, I camped out at Unicorn Cafe truly all day to make it through this monster… Read more »

Kid in a Fucking Candy Store

After a roller coaster of a week, I decided that it was high time for a break. Sunday glorious Sunday. My day of rest. There are few things in this life that can beat the feeling of waking up, checking your clock, and nuzzling back into your pillow, having nothing to do and nowhere to… Read more »