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Week 8

After 8 weeks of class, I’m not really sure where my Chinese stands. It’s difficult to judge my progress because I chose to stick with an intermediate class a bit above my level for the program. While I often feel embarrassed around my classmates, I realize almost all of them have objectively studied Chinese longer than I… Read more »


I returned from Asia about a week ago, and have had some time to reflect on my experiences in Singapore. It is a place and a time I will miss, and although I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have received funding allowing me to complete this project, I wish I could have stayed longer…. Read more »

Just Moms Try Electoral Politics

Sixty-five people gathered at the start time for the Moms’ (Just Moms STL) August meeting, this time in a union hall. At least ten more straggled in, as confused newcomers navigated construction on the road outside. Billed as a candidate’s forum instead of the normal monthly updates, the meeting was in some ways a test… Read more »

America’s Next Top Regression Model

A huge part of any research comes down to modeling. You explore a bunch of variables and you try to see which ones are important predictors to the outcome you care about. In transportation, modeling is extremely important for planners and leaders who are the decision makers for transportation infrastructure. If you want to build… Read more »