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A Final Reflection

I am not sure how to adequately sum up the experience of the last eight weeks. My paper will attempt to do that, but it will be formal and rigorously constructed. It won’t capture the joy I felt getting the experience of my dream job for a little while, the excitement of living in a… Read more »

Wrapping Up

My friend Bex was here for a few days and I haven’t posted as much because we were so busy. I sat in Les Mis and Wicked in the past week. Both were amazing experiences because I know both scores so well. The level of sound from Les Mis was fantastic because they do not… Read more »

On Again, Off Again

My research here is following the pattern of a career in music direction: dry spells where you have to get creative with your time, and periods that are so busy it feels there is hardly time to breathe. I have not had a direct observation of a show in a week or so, but today I… Read more »

Wrapping it up

Greetings for the final time! I haven’t posted in a while, which seems to have been the way I started my last few posts. There are many reasons why I didn’t write a final post before I left Turkey. The first main reason is that my laptop’s keyboard broke (completely my fault – I spilled sparkling… Read more »

8.10-8.14 – All good things come to an end

Bob and I spent the last week finishing up the soil analysis at the Arboretum. Due to a broken still we were unable to complete the pH and electrical conductivity analysis for the samples, as both of these measurements require the soil sample to be in solution with destilled deionized water. I’ll complete these measurements in… Read more »

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes…”

Today, I went back to the Performing Arts Library and did some more research for my project. I am finding the many writings of composing and music directing legend Lehman Engel especially helpful. Also, since there is not a lot of literature on music directing, I have been going through books made about specific Broadway… Read more »

Wrapping Up Gumbo and More

Gumbo ended today. It was an amazing, amazing experience in which I learned so much about professionalism and musicality. The score was so difficult and I was tested constantly as a leader and a musician. This was one of the most valuable experiences I have had on this show. I truly believe Gumbo has a big… Read more »