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The Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors a number of grant programs, including the Circumnavigator Club Foundation’s Around-the-World Study Grant and the Undergraduate Research Grant. Some of the students on these grants end up traveling and having a variety of amazing experiences. We wanted to give some of them the opportunity to share these experiences with the broader public.  It is our hope that this opportunity to blog will deepen the experiences for these students by giving them a forum for reflection; we also hope these blogs can help open the eyes of others to those reflections/experiences as well. Through these blogs, perhaps we all can enjoy the ride as much as they will.

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Protected: Rwanda Revisited - Posted to The World is a Book: A Page in Rwanda by Lydia

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Hello Readers! - Posted to Let Them Eat Kale by pcivetta

Over the next few months, I (Briana) will be reading a lot of books and cooking a lot of food to try to discover What is actually healthy (biologically speaking)? What are some of the major drawbacks of the current food system? What are some of the current food movements and “solutions” to food-related injustice? (Read More)

16 Things I Learned - Posted to Biking Across America: In Search of American Heimat by nicolebronnimann

16 Things I learned from Riding Across the Country/16 Things to know before you ride across the country This is the abbreviated version/teaser. I will update with more general details about how the trip finished up in a bit. 16. Do not radically change your diet or anything to do with biking on the bike (Read More)

The Bittersweet End - Posted to The Bare Bones by Catherine Althaus

The final stop on my whirlwind adventure turned out to be one of my favorite locations of the summer. After a wonderful time in Chile I crossed the border into Peru, eventually settling in a small southern town called Moquegua. Since the tiny city is not known for any kind tourism, I stuck out like (Read More)

Friends - Posted to Back to the Roots, Persian & German by nkg

It is really fascinating how interconnected the world is.  It seems that I always organize relationships, work, and routines in my mind according to the world I’m at.  For example, my life in college is pretty different from my life at home. I stay up later in college, my routine is more fast-paced/stressful, and my (Read More)

the feel of it - Posted to Noting: Into the Burren by bryce

I just returned to Doolin yesterday from a week long stint in Dublin, where I stayed with friend, poet, and Trinity physicist Iggy McGovern and his wife Eileen in Clonskeagh, out in a ‘wee house’ in their garden known as the ‘Seomra’ (Irish: room). While the time in Dublin was intended for writing, a place (Read More)

Reflections on a summer of research: pintxos, sun, sand, and nationalism - Posted to Pintxos and Participation in ETA: My summer in el País Vasco by chriswell

The time has now come for some kind of final reflection. I can sense everything coming to an end as I give my final goodbyes to the people who have helped me along the way. A todas esas personas, vuestra ayuda ha sido indispensable. Por invitarme a tomar un café, por pasar mi correo electrónico (Read More)

Coming to America - Posted to BoriNica, Otra Vez by bethcolon

UGH. I have a LOT of feelings. I’m sad, angry and happy all at the same time. As the character of Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls once said, “I’m feeling magenta.” Yes, I watch The Golden Girls reruns. They were the precursors to Sex and the City. I have no shame in my love (Read More)

Wish I had blogged more… - Posted to Examining Cultural Perceptions and Attitudes about FGM/FGC in Ethiopia by nehareddy

…but internet connection hasn’t been consistent and this is my first real blogging experience. Alas, my trip has come to an end; as of tomorrow night, I will be flying back to Chicago, just in time for Lollapalooza this weekend. I’m not even sure where these last five weeks have gone, but I have so (Read More)

Home - Posted to Bel Paese by chriscappello

And that’s it. After a crazy 23 hour whirlwind, I finally made it home safe early Saturday morning. Although my body is still getting adjusted to the big change, I have been able to take some time and reflect on my amazing adventure abroad. First of all, the time and location were perfect. Six weeks (Read More)