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The Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors a number of grant programs, including the Circumnavigator Club Foundation’s Around-the-World Study Grant and the Undergraduate Research Grant. Some of the students on these grants end up traveling and having a variety of amazing experiences. We wanted to give some of them the opportunity to share these experiences with the broader public.  It is our hope that this opportunity to blog will deepen the experiences for these students by giving them a forum for reflection; we also hope these blogs can help open the eyes of others to those reflections/experiences as well. Through these blogs, perhaps we all can enjoy the ride as much as they will.

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Canada Month - Posted to Singhs on the Small Screen by Conner VanderBeek

Canada Day is a celebration of the creation of Canada, which occurred on July 1, 1867. Brampton’s seniors, meanwhile, have been celebrating Canada Day for the entire month. These celebrations take place in seniors clubs and public parks, with anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred seniors in attendance. Canada Day celebrations in seniors (Read More)

Fieldwork and Exploration - Posted to Youth and Politics in Senegal by kenny

As of Wednesday July 23rd, I was two weeks out of the hospital, five weeks into my trip, and three weeks away from returning home. It was also my first day of fieldwork! It was the accumulation of six months of preliminary research of Africa and development, two months of composing and constantly editing a (Read More)

A Parents guide to TYA Theatre Going - Posted to Losing pounds (and euros)! by danica

Fun guide to parents/grandparents when taking kids to the theatre, based on discussions I have had with the pros! (Some are obvious, some seem counterintuitive at first, but then make complete sense). Conversation- though comments such as “look at that tiger!” or “do you see, the food just disappeared!” seem helpful to making sure children (Read More)

Thursday Afternoon at the Dead Houses - Posted to Bay Area Communal Living in the Digital Age by business as usual

  We made our way back to Ithaka to meet with Rob Levitsky on Thursday afternoon. The home was quiet, once again, when we arrived, so we decided to open the fence and walk into the backyard. The “backyard” spans nearly an acre. It includes several other houses that are used as community homes. There’s (Read More)

when faces called flowers float out of the ground - Posted to a summer of song by veronique

I’m not going to lie, earlier this week/the end of last week, I hit a bit of a wall with this project. It was rough- I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, like I wasn’t good enough at post-tonal music theory to understand the music I was working with, and, most frequently, like all the (Read More)

Feed the World - Posted to Food for Thought by Elizabeth Larsen

How is this possible, I thought to myself, looking out across lush papaya fields growing from what appeared to be an expansive desert. We were in Nueva Esperanza, a poverty stricken desert town along the coast of Northern Peru, visiting a family that participates in Feed the World’s programming. Feed the World’s mission is to (Read More)

Entrevistas - Posted to Cesáreas by jessica

I just finished up interviewing another informant! Although I had spent a lot of time preparing for the interview and constructing an interview guide, I found myself hardly relying on it at all (My Qualitative Methods professor would be proud) and had no trouble talking with my informant for over an hour. She had a (Read More)

Weeks 3 and 4: Results! - Posted to Baby Talk by courtney

My experiment is producing results! I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, so that’s all I’m going to say about the results. They exist. They’re there. We have done the study with some toddlers, and there are results now. Sorry if you were expecting something more conclusive. Here’s a fun video of a (Read More)

The Pendulum Effect - Posted to Things to be shattered; things to be shown by maria

The beginning may not always be the hardest part but, perhaps because it’s the beginning, it pretty much feels that way. Such was the case with the start of my research — talk about a series of dead ends. Unexpected facility closings, crashed internet, essential materials on loan indefinitely, and, to top it all off, (Read More)

Tanzania: week 1! - Posted to Crossing Paths by nedra

Where to begin with this past week? So much as happened that it feels like I’ve been in Tanzania for much longer than a week; but with seven more weeks left in my program, I know that there is still so much more to experience. The way my program is set up, the first two (Read More)

Hello… - Posted to Jessie's Summer 2014 by pcivetta

Hello, my name is Jessie Kang and I’m conducting research on the mechanism of action of the compound metarrestin, by focusing on the change in Pol I activity. The results of this research will provide insight into cancer metastasis. Bookmark to:

Protected: Rwanda Revisited - Posted to The World is a Book: A Page in Rwanda by Lydia

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Bittersweet End - Posted to The Bare Bones by Catherine Althaus

The final stop on my whirlwind adventure turned out to be one of my favorite locations of the summer. After a wonderful time in Chile I crossed the border into Peru, eventually settling in a small southern town called Moquegua. Since the tiny city is not known for any kind tourism, I stuck out like (Read More)