Monthly Archives: July 2010

Ups, Downs, Lessons, Thank Yous

Yeah, I missed my first flight. I’d originally planned to write my next post once I got to Kigali, but United Airways (for a variety of reasons) booked me onto the next flight to Dulles at 4:00 PM. Anyway, I’m sitting at O’Hare right now munching on blueberries and trying to process the strange idea… Read more »

A View from the Top

I’m currently in the town of Montenegro and have been enchanted by the conversations I’ve had with the people here. They are teaching me so much about hope, perseverance and about their spirit of compassion and what it means to have an education for social justice. Sister Teresa who founded the school said to me,… Read more »


“Ms. Lydia, David won’t leave me alone and he drew on my paper! Will you tell him to shut up?” “Ms. Lydia, can I use the bathroom?” “Ms. Lydia! Ms. Lydia! Cynnie’s on facebook and she’s texts and webcams all the time. You said I couldn’t do that, why can she?” While I tell David… Read more »

Slow Me Down

Guess what I did this morning! Yoga. I have never done yoga before but Steve and I went to this place near the center for the town. And it got me thinking about being slow. SLOW: this is not a very good word today. We have slow kids, slow traffic, slow buses… very thing should… Read more »