There are so many HUGE billboards of Kagame

In light of today’s election, I figured I’d include a post with more photos to demonstrate just how prevalent Kagame is when I say “Kagame is EVERYWHERE.” Literally. Everywhere. I walked around town on Saturday and documented some of the instances just so I could give you an idea of what “campaigning” is like in Rwanda. Take a look. And bear in mind that I would have posted pictures of the other candidates … except that I didn’t see any. Wooooooo democracy. Yeah…sort of. Best part was that I got a text message from the RPF this morning telling me to vote for Kagame. Really? Is that necessary? As if I haven’t been bombarded with Kagame left and right since I’ve gotten here – even if I could vote, I highly doubt that a text message is going to change my thoughts on Kagame!

Entryway to the election site

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the polls in Kimihurura this morning and take pictures and even a video! (Sadly, the internet is too slow and unreliable here to upload it). A very kind lady who was working for the election committee gave me a tour of the election site and explained to me how the proceedings worked. Elections are a HUGE affair in Rwanda! People come with their families decked out in beautiful traditional clothing, there is lively music, and people stay around the site to chat and dance. Wish it were like that in the States!


Also, the NYTimes had a really great article today about the election! You should take a read 🙂 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/09/world/africa/09rwanda.html?_r=1&ref=global-home

Kagame pins, keychains, and even flash drives!

Even the trees support Kagame!