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i thank You InterLibrary Loan for most this amazing score

Hi! It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been finishing up that entire three-volume set of “American Art Song and American Poetry” while I waited for some of my most important scores to arrive from Canada, Iowa, and who knows where else. Luckily, two of the four song cycles that I’m planning to examine have… Read more »

Rupan Bal

Before I start, a few things to note. Brampton, Ontario is the Punjab of Canada. There is a massive Punjabi-Sikh population here, and South Asian population in general. As of 2011, the population of Brampton, which is now nearly 550,000, included 97,790 Sikhs, 63,390 Hindus, and 36,960 Muslims. Two-thirds of Brampton’s population belongs to visible… Read more »

Onto Peru!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. Between traveling and sparse internet, it’s been difficult to stay on top of my blog! It’s been a great week so far of research and exploring! I began my Peruvian adventures in Lima, the sprawling mega capital of Peru. I didn’t realize just how enormous… Read more »


It is Saturday, July 5th and I have still been sick for about a week now. I no longer have traveler’s diarrhea but instead, I suffer from a digestive problem that could be serious since I have not gone to the bathroom for an extended period of time. I have also suffered an acute, lower… Read more »

Elections, Ramadan, Sickness

After a busy couple of days, I planned to rest all day on Sunday, June 29th. This was a quiet, important day for Senegal as the local political elections converged with the beginning of Ramadan. Leading up to the elections, caravans full of political volunteers marched through the neighborhoods every day from dawn to 2… Read more »

New city, new friends

One of the best parts about doing an independent research project has been befriending graduate students and learning about their research projects and their lives. Almost everyday, I am able to meet someone new at the cultural center or research center. People come through at a wide variety of stages in their lives and for… Read more »

Settled In

With my first full week in the books, I can say that I have settled well into Dakar and I like this place a lot. I began taking French classes at the Baobab Cultural Center and working on my research project at the West African Research Center. First, I should describe some details of my… Read more »