Monthly Archives: July 2015

Soca State

As I wrap up my time in St. Augustine and my first home in Trinidad in SAL Hall and head to Tobago and Port of Spain, I thought I would do a bit of reflecting on the first half of my experience.  My take aways from Trinidad thus far are: 1. The power of people…. Read more »

Second Data Collection: Spain

Sometimes, you communicate with someone only in English via email, prepare questions in English, and arrive to your interview to find out that – surprise! – it is going to be in Spanish. Other than a few grammar irregularities in our correspondence, I had no reason to believe one of my interview subjects spoke next… Read more »

6.30 – Burnham Centennial North (Chicago Park District)

View of Burnham Centennial North (a work in progress) This site is directly south of the Burnham Bird Sanctuary. All of our sites have been planted by Pizzo & Associates, but some (like this one) are still in the process of being restored.   Some notes from this site: it was super super weedy (meaning… Read more »

6.29 & 7.2 – Soil Science Lab (Morton Arboretum)

Now that I’ve gotten some soil samples, it’s time to start prepping them for analysis! We’re doing this once a week at the Morton Arboretum soil lab, since it’s better equipped for a large number of samples than the Botanic Garden. We decided that for our soil protocol, we’re going to analyze two 15 cm… Read more »

6.26 – Burnham Bird Sanctuary (Chicago Park District)

This site was particularly weedy, and it started to rain in the latter part of sampling so not too many pictures, but here’s what I have! It’s in the same park as the previous site, and right by McCormick Place. View of Lake Michigan from Burnham Bird Sanctuary Since I don’t have a lot of pictures… Read more »

This summer…

This summer, I will be working with the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand to evaluate the health and social needs of the aging LGBT in Bangkok. To do this, I will be conducting interviews and volunteering to attain more information about this population. I write this from the Los Angeles International Airport, a few hours… Read more »

Stuck in Texas: Airport Livin’

Once upon a time, two Northwestern undergrads embarked on a grand adventure that landed them in Texas. That’s the funny thing about airports; one minute things are fine, the next everything goes to hell. Delayed by 3 hours, we’ve taken to sitting in the food court, a 5 year olds sock monkey as our entertainment… Read more »