Writing, Something Rotten!, and Les Mis

I have made a pact with myself to write at least a page of my paper every day until the end of my project. Right now it’s about 6 pages. It looks like this will be a very long final product that results from my project because I have so many different relevant things to say after 8 weeks of observation. It is officially my 7th of 8 weeks and I am mentally preparing for the end of the road. I’m looking forward to coming back to Evanston, but I will miss the weird life I have led here so much.

Last night, I observed Something Rotten! I interviewed the conductor and the keyboard 1 player. They have a BLAST in this pit. It was so wonderful to see the joy in everyone who makes this production possible. It is one of my favorite shows, and it is definitely in the “well-oiled machine” phase now that it has been running for over 6 months. I also got to go up on the podium at intermission and look at the scores. Looking up at the huge curtain reading “SOMETHING ROTTEN!” right in front of me from the podium sent chills throughout my entire body. It was a surreal moment that reminded me of my career goals and gave me a sense of clarity to accomplish them.

Tonight, I am observing Les Mis! It will be helpful to sit in on a show I am already quite familiar with musically. Then I’m seeing a lot of shows this week (and a Yankees game on Tuesday!), and observing Wicked on Friday. I’m also observing a recording of Seth Rudetsky’s show on Wednesday. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic final two weeks.