Wrapping Up

My friend Bex was here for a few days and I haven’t posted as much because we were so busy.

I sat in Les Mis and Wicked in the past week. Both were amazing experiences because I know both scores so well. The level of sound from Les Mis was fantastic because they do not use any headphones and listen to each other. Volume augmentation is used limitedly and the group is forced to listen and naturally adjust their levels. Wicked was just stunning- the player I sat next to has played the keyboard 3 book since opening night. Over 12 years! He is fully memorized and plays the show like clockwork.

Tomorrow, I am observing Hamilton. I head home on Friday. It’s been an unforgettable experience. I submitted my Final Report that summarizes my project, and I’ll be working on my research paper throughout fall quarter. I’m going to see a few more shows and go to the library a few more times before I leave. It will be so hard to go, but I’m ready to head back to Evanston for another fantastic year!