A Final Reflection

I am not sure how to adequately sum up the experience of the last eight weeks. My paper will attempt to do that, but it will be formal and rigorously constructed. It won’t capture the joy I felt getting the experience of my dream job for a little while, the excitement of living in a new city, the perfection of each orchestra I sat in or heard from the house.

I head to LaGuardia tomorrow for a 1:15pm flight. In about 15 hours I’ll be back in Evanston getting back into the rhythm of college life and preparing for senior year. I have never been more motivated to make the most out of my Northwestern experience after seeing the level I need to be at if I want to succeed in this career. I will be playing more lessons and classes, sightreading on my own for at least an hour every day, and doing freelance and show work constantly throughout the year. I’m excited to challenge myself and continue to grow so that when I move to NYC in a little less than a year, I’ll be ready to dive in head first.

Tonight, for my last show I saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Though not a musical, it was a really unique and fitting end to my time in New York. I held onto every moment onstage as it happened, and it gave me tremendous closure. What a beautiful play. I feel ready to leave this city a better person. I’m not too upset about leaving because I know I’ll be back. I am so thankful for the opportunity to conduct this research, and I look forward to refining my research paper over fall quarter!

Thanks for reading!