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Biotech Scientists in Argentina

Hello! I just got back from a busy week in Rosario, Argentina, where I learned a ton about GMOs from many different perspectives. Over the next few days, I’ll publish three posts with what I learned from talking to scientists, the public, and farmers. Of course spending five days in a place isn’t enough to… Read more »

Dov’e Alice?

It was a quieter day today.  Apparently, I can tell a lie (but don’t believe it, Alice- I am true to you). I tried on a leather jacket to up my cool-ness factor, but it was a large. I had some great food that Nancy translated as fried string- trust me, it was better than… Read more »

Hot Time in the City

It was a hot one today.  The kids and I switched hotels this morning to Nancy’s friend’s place.  I am happy with that as construction started at 8:00am – it sounded like they were cutting through metal pipes 6 inches from my head.  Of course, the kids slept right through it!  We had a lovely… Read more »

I may like Italy, but I LOVE Alice!

Well, it has been a great few days in my life.  At the Lamborghini factory, I pulled some strings and got a test drive for me and Eli and Houston.  They let us on their race course, and as you can see, I smoked those fools! Next, you can see that I was able to… Read more »

In Between Days

Sorry for the delay in posting- we had an adventurous couple of days but now are settled into Florence.  We went to leave Venice on Sunday morning, but when we got to the rental car place (a bit of a journey in itself), they had screwed up our reservation (which I didn’t catch).  They only… Read more »

A New Career?

Another wonderful day in paradise, although it was shocking to start my day staring at a bottom! Still, we shopped till we dropped, and by the time we got to lunch I was starving.  I may have gotten a little aggressive with my food. I calmed down later as we sat by the canal. While… Read more »

Venice Day 2

Another great day on an amazing trip!  We started with breakfast at a cute cafe, and then we wandered the little streets of Venice shopping and discovering. It was really fun to see the different things that drew the kids in (particularly ties for Eli and masks for Sophie).  We found a small music museum… Read more »

I Like Venice!

Now, this is a place I can groove with! It is so beautiful and romantic!  I may have had a little too much to drink, but they seemed really happy when I picked up the check for dinner. When we wondered the streets, I was still feeling a little wacky and decided to use my… Read more »

Ah, Venice…

So we traveled from Rome to Venice yesterday, taking a lovely train through the countryside. We immediately took a vapporetto (city water bus) from the train station to our apartment, where a lovely young girl showed us to our place.  It is right on a cute little canal- here is the view from our balcony… Read more »

Enjoying Argentina

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a small change of plans because an Argentine holiday postponed my interviews until Tuesday. This means I’ve had an extra few days in Buenos Aires, and have loved exploring the city. Luckily, my 18 and 24-year-old host siblings from my semester in Ecuador attend school here,… Read more »