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Dance as Healing, Men, Travel, and Ted Shawn

Monday, July 25 – “One Thousand and One Night Stands” by Ted Shawn I gave myself the day off of traveling/working out/coffee/real clothes/makeup, and literally did not leave all day. I watched the DNC and ate leftover pizza and drank a lot of tea. It was magnificent. Sadly, Ted Shawn was a little bit less… Read more »

In challenges, we grow

I wake up late and plan to go for a run at the nearby campus track. I begin the motions of these plans, finding the right clothes, picking up my water bottle and stop myself. Check the AQI, I remember. It’s at an unhealthy level. I relapse into the confines of an air-conditioned bedroom, and wonder how an… Read more »

Into The Sticks

It was a sunny, blue skied Thursday afternoon. Having some time to kill, I smoked a joint as I meandered down the street towards the D Line. I had a long drive ahead of me and I wanted to make it as relaxing as possible, for I knew that the rest of my day would not… Read more »

Solo travel: where the mundane is exciting

I’ve written a lot about my research and the special sites of the trip, but of course there’s more to travel than the picturesque moments. Overall I probably spend a third of my waking hours doing research and a third experiencing local sites and culture. So what happens during the last third of the time?… Read more »

Week 1 Highlights

Yes, I’ve run out of clever titles. Regardless, I wanted to share some updates from my first week of research in Singapore! First, research related updates: I’ve been in the library about 6-8 hours a day Monday-Saturday, mostly because I hadn’t anticipated how long going through the microfilm would take me. I spent about 2… Read more »

Badassery, Self-Confidence, Creativity, and Twyla Tharp

Thursday, July 21 and Friday, July 22 – “Push Comes to Shove” and “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp On Thursday, I told myself I would take a ballet class in the morning but then didn’t (sorry, Twyla); I spent the morning on the Lakefill until it started raining and then read in Deering for… Read more »

Love, Racism, Anti-Feminism, and Martha Graham

Tuesday, July 19 and Wednesday, July 20 – “Blood Memory” by Martha Graham and “Martha Graham” by Victoria Thoms I HAVE FUN COFFEE SHOPS TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS TIME! So on Tuesday 7/19, I went to Overflow Coffee Bar in the south loop. It was honestly just sort of fine; the coffee was decent… Read more »