Monthly Archives: July 2016

This is what dreams are made of

This is what dreams are made of. This thought keeps running through my mind as I replay what my summer holds in store for me. Northwestern has given me a grant to write a play. As a fledgling playwright, this alone is enough to send me into a fit of hysterical giggles, rolling on the… Read more »


This weekend I took a break from research (and blogging) for a few days to explore Curitiba, the capital of Paraná province and a quick bus ride from Londrina. Here are some highlights from my trip. Now I’m back in Londrina catching up on planning, and will hopefully interview some farmers tomorrow and Friday. Stay… Read more »

Coffee Lab is closed on Sundays

The first weeks have been a crazy roller coaster of stress and a weird sense of freedom. I spent my first week choreographing the ballet duet only to realize how hard it is to choreograph partnering in a notebook. I’ve been going back and forth between the studio, coffee shops, and various benches. I’ve gotten… Read more »

Cereal Culture

I think that the biggest culture shock that I’ve received in Barcelona so far came while I was walking through aisle four of a local grocery store. You see, in college, I’ve grown accustomed to taking an almost daily cereal break between classes. Just because 3:00pm is too late for lunch and too early for… Read more »

Where It All Began

Our last full day in Italy was a really unique one.  On the last trip to see my dad before he died, he told me of the tiny town in Italy where the Civetta’s had immigrated from in the late 1880s.  We immediately pulled it up on my phone (complete with 360 degree camera view),… Read more »

All About That Vespa!

So, ever since the kids got scooter rides in Florence, they have been looking for more.  Eli even got on my computer to look up places to rent them in Puglia, so today that was our adventure.  We swung by the house and got Wayne, Tom, and Wendy to join us, and we drove on… Read more »

Greetings from Brazil!

On Sunday I left Buenos Aires and arrived in São Paulo, Brazil. I still have to analyze my interviews with Argentine farmers and will write a post about my findings soon, but wanted to share what I’ve been doing for the past week. On Monday I had time for a short walking tour of São… Read more »