First start!

This summer I will be living in Evanston, spending my days in Dr. Maggie Osburn’s isotope geobiology lab and Dr. Yarrow Axford’s paleolimnology lab. What motivates me to spend eight-hour days in a room with minimal windows (apart from grant funding…)? I am looking to answer questions about how Greenland’s climate has changed over the past several thousand years—questions that are increasingly relevant as we see rapid melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, the largest ice mass in the Northern hemisphere. In the process of seeking understanding of Greenland’s paleoclimate (its climate in the past), my day-to-day work will be, mostly, banal. However, I’m excited to gradually assemble a better picture of past climate parameters (it’s hard to know yet, but I might be able to learn about how things like temperature, humidity, or the source of precipitation have shifted for Greenland over thousands of years), and maybe even share with a reader or two.