Ammar Younas casually stands in front of the Badshahi Mosque, a magnificent piece of Mughal architecture.

Neha Rashid packs after spending a day at one of the brick kilns.

Zaki Hussain, me, attempts to point at the Minar-i Pakistan, where the Lahore Resolution was signed.

The effect of disparity is a bit funny. The advantaged ones get complacent while the disadvantaged get comfortable in their complacency. And then you have people like us in the middle who struggle to make sense of it. Lahore, just like any other city (looking at you, Chicago), holds families who live very different experiences. So, let me intro you the team that tries to make sense of that: Ammar’s understanding of the roads, people, and norms of Lahore is beyond any of us. Neha’s journalistic sensibility makes you question your own values. And me, who’s curious about the issue and excited about immersing in a new, beautiful country – Pakistan.

Here goes nothing!