Monthly Archives: July 2017

Week Three!

Hi everyone, My third week was off to a busy start! Dr. Phillips, Dr. Welch, and Monica Hsu are working on the study that my project is a part of, and they were all back in the office at the start of this week. One of our biggest successes was that we decided on a… Read more »

Ready for analysis!

Last Monday I began the journey to analyze my plant samples on the IRMS (isotope ratio mass spectrometer). This beast of a machine is really a scientific marvel: using what is essentially a fancy lightbulb filament and a giant magnet, it sort out the lighter isotopes from the heavier ones and counts the relative abundances of… Read more »


During the past five weeks I’ve now been traveling, Blanche DuBois’ line “I’ve always been dependent on the kindness of strangers” has frequently popped into my head. While I am (hopefully) quite far from any mental hospital in Louisiana, I see some similarity between Blanche’s lack of touch with reality and my own ~loosened~ connection… Read more »

Budapest Community Gardens: an overview

Before coming to Budapest, I chose to study the city’s growing network of community gardens to help answer my question of how local food systems—in this case, community gardens—can help contribute to food security. Given the broad range of individuals, local governments, NGOs involved in the creation and management of community gardens across the city,… Read more »