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New start!

In German, Stammtisch means table so as does this blog. It is going to take you through my adventures in Berlin. The blog will cover my day to day life learning German as well as my trips to the museums and historic sites. TPS is a place to get to know me throughout a Deutch lense. Dont worry,… Read more »


noun /fizis/ A Greek theological, philosophical, scientific term, usually translated into English as “nature.” Dean-Jones, in her Women’s Bodies in Classical Ancient Greece, characterizes the ancient Greek notion of “physis,” as the invisible nature of men and women, qualities that were accepted as facts, yet never empirically proven. Much of the ancient Greek civilization had… Read more »

From the balcony of my Greek Airbnb:

Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Sweltering heat, mosquitos galore, and blistered feet—but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This past week in Greece has been quite the adventure. Honestly, it’s been the exact same kind of adventure I’d hoped for ten months ago when I began applying for this grant. One full of sweat, sunburned skin… Read more »

From baggage claim at Athens International Airport:

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s no way that she can be writing this blog post from baggage claim. She’s making all of these locations up!” False. Downloading the Google Docs app to my iPhone has changed the game. Anyway, I’ve been standing here for thirty-two minutes, so I figured I’d exert my energy into… Read more »

Rabat: A Capital in Repose

Rabat grows more beautiful to me by the day. Maybe I’m just sentimental, but the lush palms are open to the sun and line every major boulevard. The manicured lawns are a healthy green. My logical side says that it’s because there’s tons of embassies around and just about everything important is a government building…. Read more »

I’m Tired

Quick Rundown of Events Today: Class in the Morning, then lunch, then our planned activity was to go to the Old Medina, but we were tired. We decided to rest instead. So I went to get my nails done (it’s only $20 to get your nails done with gel polish here. Crazy. It’s 30 or… Read more »

From a hellish hostel in Liverpool:

Imagine this: it’s 3:30am on a Monday morning. You’ve been lying in bed for five hours, but still haven’t managed to fall asleep. Why, you ask? Because your fifth-floor hostel room’s thermostat reads “30 C”, and the pub directly below your window has been blaring music since the late afternoon. Ever heard the dance remix… Read more »