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I returned from Asia about a week ago, and have had some time to reflect on my experiences in Singapore. It is a place and a time I will miss, and although I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have received funding allowing me to complete this project, I wish I could have stayed longer…. Read more »

Week 3 Musings

I have come to realize that it’s quite odd to be living in a place for three and half weeks, both trying to accomplish a task and be tourist. I’m not here long enough to really know where I’m going; since moving to the YMCA, I still have to use my offline map to figure out how… Read more »

Mickey Mouse & Betty Boop

Not to over-post, but I came across something really fun in a moment that I wasn’t even intending to do research! I visited a couple of different museums today, and one of them is called the Peranakan Museum. Peranakan means “mixed race,” in Malay, and basically refers to the descendants of traders in the ancient world who traveled to Java,… Read more »

On Solitude

This week, I got dinner with a friend of the professor advising my project, and I felt a solidarity in my research experience. She too had spent hours in the NUS library, the National Library and the National Archives conducting research on a BA thesis related to the “social problem,” meaning prostitution, in 1920s Singapore. So, she understood my frustrations… Read more »

Week 1 Highlights

Yes, I’ve run out of clever titles. Regardless, I wanted to share some updates from my first week of research in Singapore! First, research related updates: I’ve been in the library about 6-8 hours a day Monday-Saturday, mostly because I hadn’t anticipated how long going through the microfilm would take me. I spent about 2… Read more »

Microfilm & more

Ever hear that new Beck song “Wow”? That’s how I’ve felt the past few days – “wow.” I keep having this thought that the first time I really became interested in Southeast Asia was this Fall, and here I am, less than a year later, able to conduct my own research on a topic related to… Read more »

Foggy Glasses, Foggy Brain

Disclaimer: I’ve slept about 6 of the last 48 hours. My brain feels fuzzy, every task I’ve completed so far related to research (including this post) is taking about twice as long as it should. As a traveler (and a person), I tend to “deal with it when I get there.” For example, someone advising me on the… Read more »


Hi all! Amy here, and I’m so excited to share my experience in Singapore with whoever is able (read as: willing) to read. As a quick introduction to myself and my project: I began with an interest in Southeast Asia this fall after having taking Southeast Asia in the Twentieth Century: A Playground for Empires?… Read more »