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Week 8

After 8 weeks of class, I’m not really sure where my Chinese stands. It’s difficult to judge my progress because I chose to stick with an intermediate class a bit above my level for the program. While I often feel embarrassed around my classmates, I realize almost all of them have objectively studied Chinese longer than I… Read more »

Chinese Development

I don’t even attempt to avoid the dirt path and subsequent puddles of the construction site as I enter campus. I think to myself that walking through an open construction site is a daily passage in China. I think this with more amusement than irritation, although I do cringe at open sparks flying and the… Read more »

In challenges, we grow

I wake up late and plan to go for a run at the nearby campus track. I begin the motions of these plans, finding the right clothes, picking up my water bottle and stop myself. Check the AQI, I remember. It’s at an unhealthy level. I relapse into the confines of an air-conditioned bedroom, and wonder how an… Read more »