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For this post I have decided to spend time talking about everyone’s favorite part of traveling, traffic! Congestion is never fun. Planners and engineers work constantly to try to mitigate it. Interestingly, supporters of light rail advocate for rail as a means to reduce road congestion. How does that work? Well it all relies on… Read more »

America’s Next Top Regression Model

A huge part of any research comes down to modeling. You explore a bunch of variables and you try to see which ones are important predictors to the outcome you care about. In transportation, modeling is extremely important for planners and leaders who are the decision makers for transportation infrastructure. If you want to build… Read more »

Static versus Dynamic Analysis

If I have learned one thing this summer, it’s that having a clean-cut way to evaluate anything is impossible. There are so many factors to consider. It’s also very easy to become separated from the context of your research subject. Public transit is not an isolated system. It is very much a living system that… Read more »

The Winners, the Losers, and the Meh

I’m getting down to the last few weeks of my research project. So far, I’ve been looking at countless measures of performance and service efficiency. However, looking at all these individual measures can be meaningless unless you have a way to compare across. For example, Phoenix has the highest route miles per service area (which… Read more »

Efficiency Measures

Efficiency – every engineer’s favorite word. It’s perhaps the most important criterion to differentiate good engineering designs from bad ones. How is efficiency measured in transit systems? One metric often used is the cost per vehicle revenue mile. A vehicle revenue mile (VRM) is the distance that a vehicle travels while in revenue service. In other words, if… Read more »

A Tale of Two Cities

An important performance measurement for almost anything is the amount of service provided. In transit, this is reflected in ridership. More people riding public transit is generally good news for transit agencies. Ridership is measured in unlinked passenger trips. Effectively we’re talking about the number of boardings. If one person goes on a trip from… Read more »

An Evaluation of Rail Transit in the US

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. This summer, I am researching the fascinating world of transportation. I know what you’re saying, “transportation?” but believe me, it’s much more than traffic lights. Chances are, if you have ever been in a large urban setting you have used some sort… Read more »