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Rabat: A Capital in Repose

Rabat grows more beautiful to me by the day. Maybe I’m just sentimental, but the lush palms are open to the sun and line every major boulevard. The manicured lawns are a healthy green. My logical side says that it’s because there’s tons of embassies around and just about everything important is a government building…. Read more »

I’m Tired

Quick Rundown of Events Today: Class in the Morning, then lunch, then our planned activity was to go to the Old Medina, but we were tired. We decided to rest instead. So I went to get my nails done (it’s only $20 to get your nails done with gel polish here. Crazy. It’s 30 or… Read more »

Feeling Contemplative

I think that today it really hit me that I’m somewhere different from every other place I’ve ever been before. Casablanca isn’t like any other place. The call to prayer sounds five times a day. The architecture is completely different from everywhere else. I think that my first impressions when I’m abroad are usually how… Read more »

Sick, Yet Again

Imagine, for a moment, that you are deep in a peaceful sleep. You are relaxed after a long day, dreams floating through your mind. Then, you feel a pressure in your stomach, and you turn so that you can relax. But the pressure doesn’t go away. You wake up to the pain, but everything still… Read more »


Hello from Casa! I’m writing this to you while eating a cookie in a host family’s apartment in Casablanca. It’s a new host family, just for a night, while we spend the weekend here. They have a gorgeous multi-level apartment. Click to enlarge any photo. Today we went to visit Addictest’s counterpart in Casablanca, and… Read more »