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Sick, Yet Again

Imagine, for a moment, that you are deep in a peaceful sleep. You are relaxed after a long day, dreams floating through your mind. Then, you feel a pressure in your stomach, and you turn so that you can relax. But the pressure doesn’t go away. You wake up to the pain, but everything still… Read more »


Hello from Casa! I’m writing this to you while eating a cookie in a host family’s apartment in Casablanca. It’s a new host family, just for a night, while we spend the weekend here. They have a gorgeous multi-level apartment. Click to enlarge any photo. Today we went to visit Addictest’s counterpart in Casablanca, and… Read more »

Language is Water

I’ve found the adolescence I always wanted in my adulthood. Growing up, the idea of going wherever I want, whenever I want, with my friends has finally come true. In my adulthood I’ve found a community thicker than the thieves who stole my childhood, who bullied it out from under me. This trip to Morocco… Read more »

My Feet Hurt: I Think I Walked All of Rabat Today

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got so tired that I ended up falling asleep. So here it is, a day late. I had my first day of classes yesterday! The morning was stressful because we had to coordinate getting me to the building where I’ll be taking  classes. We called the coordinator,… Read more »

The Beach!

Yesterday we had a small snafu when starting the day’s programming. A Lankey rep was supposed to come pick me up but they had a personal emergency so I ended up taking the tram with my host sister to the Addictest center. Once we got there, it was beach time! Miryiam’s mother drove us in… Read more »

Opening Reception with Lankey

The good thing about Lankey, my language program, is that it’s really flexible and gives us a ton of independence. Another Lankey student arrived today. She’s 28, badass, and I’m really looking forward to going to the beach with her tomorrow. Her name is Jes. She is also blogging on this trip, so as soon… Read more »

Keeping in Touch with the US While Abroad

If you’ve never seen ‘I Am Not Your Negro’, the documentary on James Baldwin, go watch it. I’m mentally replaying a couple of scenes from the documentary about when Baldwin was abroad, when he heard about the atrocities going on back home. This post is being written during the time period of forced family separation… Read more »