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Finally in Rabat

I finally made it to Rabat! I got on the plane in London, and honestly fell into such a deep sleep that I have no memory of taking off. I woke up midway through like But it finally happened! I am safe, sound, and in Rabat Salé, ready to learn more French. Now first, sleep.

Third Leg Pt.2

Well, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and put on some sunscreen, so I’m feeling more human. My stomach has also settled down some. Stansted airport is…interesting. I can’t say it’s bad, necessarily, but it’s definitely not ideal for a long layover. There’s not any publicly available outlets, which seems a bit strange… Read more »

Second Leg of the Journey to Rabat: Boston to London

So, I made it to Boston safe and sound, thank goodness. I only have 20 mins until I get on my flight to London, which doesn’t have any wifi, TVs, or hallmark of modern technological civilization, apparently. It’s fine. I’m not panicking about being on a metal bird for 6 hours with no wifi…not one… Read more »

All is Quiet on the Midwestern Front

I finished my finals last Thursday, and the past five days have been a blur of packing. I have flashbacks of my things strewn everywhere, until they got folded and then pressed into a cube of cardboard, ready to be stored in a friend’s apartment. If you’re a prospective student reading this, or just someone… Read more »

What’s in a Name? Redemption.

So far my days have blended together like the colors I mix to paint with: wake up, paint while listening to music, cook, paint again, and when my recommended hours are over (or I’m just too tired to continue) I watch TV. I did a check in today with my adviser, which went well, and… Read more »