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People often ask me how I chose the seven cities I am visiting this summer. My formal answer for research purposes is that my study cities are large, metropolitan areas where local stakeholders have made significant investments into food security and/or local food systems. In less formal circumstances, I state the previous plus explain how… Read more »

Differenzi Culturali Pt. 2 – Italian Definitions

In contrast to my naivety regarding Italian food policy (as mentioned in my last blog post), before I arrived here, I did do my proper share of reading on Italians’ common definitions of “food security”—which stray from people’s perceptions of food security found in my other study cities. Of course, all of my Italian interviewees… Read more »

Differenzi Culturali Pt. 1 – Milan Food Policy

This summer, I am visiting seven different countries. In each country, I am studying a different type of local food system, such as household urban agriculture, community gardens, and community supported agriculture. There are major, obvious differences between these LFS—e.g. one family has a way different potential production capacity in a few square-meter vegetable garden… Read more »

Italian Food and Economic Solidarity

I had a wonderful first full day in Milan. Granted, I spent two months here doing an internship last fall. So, arriving at the airport yesterday, knowing which public bus to get on, arriving at my traditional Italian-style Airbnb without trouble, and then meeting my friend to see a late-night philharmonic concert in the plaza… Read more »

Views from the Brussels Airport: Looking ahead to Milan and back on Kampala

Well, potentially contrary to my circumnavigator’s spirit, I’ve decided to stay in the airport during my current ten-hour layover in Brussels. I was originally routed to fly from Entebbe to Doha, then Doha to Milan to arrive in Milan seven hours ago. But, due to recent airspace bans for Qatar Airways, my first flight would… Read more »

Lots of Matooke

I explained my trip and research topic to a lot of people before I began traveling. After listening closely to my detailed explanation, about half of my friends took a second, tilted their heads, and then asked me, “Wait… you’re getting a bunch of money to travel around the world eating food?”   The short… Read more »

Beginning the Circumnavigation…

Well, I’ve been in Canada for about half an hour now, and I’m about to leave what has briefly been my first country outside of the United States on my circumnavigation around the world this summer. Granted, the Circumnavigator Scholars grant does not permit North American countries to count as a part of the five-country,… Read more »

CityFood Symposium: Street Food Around the World

Last week, I was granted an incredible opportunity to ditch three days of school to go to New York and talk about food. More specifically, I listened to a group of incredible food studies academics present their research related to street food and engaged in (well, mostly still listened to) conversation and budding collaboration regarding topics of food consumption and… Read more »

Take Two!

So, that last blog post on the train ended short because I fell asleep. This morning I traced out the route of my upcoming circumnavigation on a map for my current hosts in Virginia, and they commented on how long many of the flights are I’ll be taking. I’m generally incapable of napping during the day, but my… Read more »