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Gestures, Long Dances, and Doris Humphrey

Wednesday, August 17 – “The Art of Making Dances” by Doris Humphrey I actually read this one at Eva’s Cafe on Wednesday (it’s a super quick read), so no new coffee shops for this post. This book is pretty much a staple in any choreography class; Humphrey was one of the (if not the) first… Read more »

Geography, Tree, Charley Patton, and Ralph Lemon

Saturday, August 13 to Wednesday, August 17 – “Geography,” “Tree,” and “Come Home Charley Patton” by Ralph Lemon On Saturday, I spent the morning at Asado Coffee Company (a small place, but really good coffee) and the afternoon at Emerald City (bigger and cozier, but a little bit crowded so not great for working if… Read more »

Immigration, Lows, and Jose Limon

Sunday, August 7 – “An Unfinished Memoir” by Jose Limon On Sunday, I spent the morning at Osmium Coffee Bar (one of my favorites thus far; lots of work space and a great atmosphere) and the afternoon at Bittersweet Cafe (less of a coffee shop and more of a cafe where you’d stop for lunch)…. Read more »

Social Change and Postwar Modern Dance

Friday, August 5 – “How To Do Things With Dance” by Rebekah Kowal On Friday I started off by getting lunch at Mariano’s with the lovely Cami, and then I headed to Stan’s Donuts (in Labriola Chicago) on Michigan Avenue (amazing donuts; maybe not the best spot for doing actual work). Then I headed to… Read more »

Multiple Selves, Isolation, NEA, and Paul Taylor

Wednesday, August 3 and Thursday, August 4 – “Private Domain” by Paul Taylor On Wednesday, I spent the morning at Common Cup (not my favorite atmosphere or coffee, but the people who work there are all super, super kind and it seems to be a really great thing for the community to have) and the… Read more »

Vignettes, Race, NEA, Bill T. Jones, and Alvin Ailey

Wednesday, July 27 – “Story/Time” by Bill T. Jones Monday, August 1 and Tuesday, August 2 – “Revelations” by Alvin Ailey On Wednesday, I helped out with Striding Lion in the morning and spent the afternoon at Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park (I love the atmosphere, but the coffee is just eh). On Monday and… Read more »