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Fieldwork and Exploration

Wednesday July 23rd marked my second week out of the hospital and my fifth week into the trip. It was also my first day of fieldwork, an accumulation of six months of preliminary research, two months of editing a survey, one month of talking with Senegalese political leaders, and several weeks of finding a research… Read more »

peesa peesa

I’d like to step aside from being scholarly for a moment to share how much Punjabis love pizza. I’ve had pizza seven times in the last ten days, some of it cheap fast food, some very good sit-down, and another kind in an entirely different category: Indian pizza. If you’re curious: There’s butter chicken… Read more »

Playing the Politics Game with Punjabis

Brampton East is a liberal area. Their biggest issues include immigration policy, the staggering price of car insurance, restrictions placed on basements, and the fact that the 9th largest city in Canada doesn’t have its own university. The surrounding cities, for example, — Malton, Mississauga, etc. — have laws allowing homeowners to rent out their… Read more »

Back to Work

It has been 8 days since I was discharged from the hospital and I’m feeling almost 100% recovered and back to normal. I can walk plenty without feeling pain but I still cannot exercise or lift heavy objects. I get a bandage changed for the wound over my stomach every two days and this Saturday… Read more »

Big Roadbump: Hospital

Tuesday July 8th A little past 11 P.M. on Saturday July 5th, my abdominal pain suddenly worsened until it was unbearable. I could not move without experiencing incredibly sharp, heavy pain in my lower abdomen. I had the emergency doctor come to my house and evaluate me, which took about 30 minutes, because of my… Read more »

Symbols of Sikhi

I confess that I am not the first person to approach the topic of Punjabi YouTubers. The Globe and Mail published a story on JusReign, Superwoman, and AKakaAMAZING more than two years ago, asking them why comedy and why the Punjabi community in GTA is so open to it. The word “Sikh” is not mentioned… Read more »

Rupan Bal

Before I start, a few things to note. Brampton, Ontario is the Punjab of Canada. There is a massive Punjabi-Sikh population here, and South Asian population in general. As of 2011, the population of Brampton, which is now nearly 550,000, included 97,790 Sikhs, 63,390 Hindus, and 36,960 Muslims. Two-thirds of Brampton’s population belongs to visible… Read more »