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On Beauty: Sean Kingston, Ethiopian Flight Attendants, and Tolerating Disapproval

Apparently I am “not thick enough” for American R&B pop-star, Sean Kingston. [For those of you who do not know what “thick” means, you can look up the definition at] On September 17, Kingston performed at Amahoro Stadium with Rwandan singer, Tom Close. Despite all the anticipation and hype about the event, even a… Read more »

I Can’t Pee – PART I

There are some things in life that I know I take for granted. Like electricity. Or shelter. Or running water. Or access to food. Even hearing and sight. Even my new smart phone. But until now, I have never really appreciated my ability to use the bathroom. Yes, I am writing to you about a… Read more »

When Worlds Collide

“I think everyone must love life more than anything else in the world.” > >>>>>   “Love life more than the meaning of it?” “Yes, certainly. Love it regardless of logic, as you say. Yes, most certainly regardless of logic, for only then will you grasp its meaning. – The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky It… Read more »