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Crossing the Pond

I’m currently in the São Paulo airport awaiting my flight to Johannesburg, and want to wrap up my time in South America with a post comparing my time in Rosario, Argentina and Londrina, Brazil. On the surface, the southwest of Brazil and northeast of Argentina seem similar – the regions have relatively temperate climates, produce… Read more »


This weekend I took a break from research (and blogging) for a few days to explore Curitiba, the capital of Paraná province and a quick bus ride from Londrina. Here are some highlights from my trip. Now I’m back in Londrina catching up on planning, and will hopefully interview some farmers tomorrow and Friday. Stay… Read more »

Greetings from Brazil!

On Sunday I left Buenos Aires and arrived in São Paulo, Brazil. I still have to analyze my interviews with Argentine farmers and will write a post about my findings soon, but wanted to share what I’ve been doing for the past week. On Monday I had time for a short walking tour of São… Read more »

Rosario, Argentina: the People’s Perspective

As I was planning for this research project, I wasn’t anticipating including public discourse in my analyses because I didn’t know how I would find sources of information. In Rosario, it turned out to be quite easy. In the five days that I was there, I stumbled upon many public examples of conversations about biotechnology, including… Read more »

Biotech Scientists in Argentina

Hello! I just got back from a busy week in Rosario, Argentina, where I learned a ton about GMOs from many different perspectives. Over the next few days, I’ll publish three posts with what I learned from talking to scientists, the public, and farmers. Of course spending five days in a place isn’t enough to… Read more »

Enjoying Argentina

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a small change of plans because an Argentine holiday postponed my interviews until Tuesday. This means I’ve had an extra few days in Buenos Aires, and have loved exploring the city. Luckily, my 18 and 24-year-old host siblings from my semester in Ecuador attend school here,… Read more »

Chile GMO Resistance

Greetings from Buenos Aires! I arrived here Wedenesday afternoon after spending a few days in Santiago, Chile seeing the sites and practicing my Spanish before beginning interviews. It turns out that Chile is a very bad place to practice Spanish because they talk fast and have a lot of vocabulary that only they use. Nevertheless,… Read more »

Getting Started

I begin my journey close to home: on my family’s farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My dad is passionate about environmental conservation, so he plants most of his fields with either native grasses or crops for animals to eat. From left to right, this field contains strips of non-GM native grasses, genetically modified (GM) alfalfa,… Read more »