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The Conception:

The bodies of Ancient Greek women were erupting. Discharge, menstruation, lactation, lachrymation, childbirth: their insides were violently pouring and ripping out, according to Hippocrates, Aristotle, and Soranus, the male pioneers of gynecology and obstetrics in the 5th Century BCE – 2nd Century CE Greece. Whether through the description of childbirth as dirty and animalistic or… Read more »

The Beach!

Yesterday we had a small snafu when starting the day’s programming. A Lankey rep was supposed to come pick me up but they had a personal emergency so I ended up taking the tram with my host sister to the Addictest center. Once we got there, it was beach time! Miryiam’s mother drove us in… Read more »

Finally in Rabat

I finally made it to Rabat! I got on the plane in London, and honestly fell into such a deep sleep that I have no memory of taking off. I woke up midway through like But it finally happened! I am safe, sound, and in Rabat Salé, ready to learn more French. Now first, sleep.