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The effect of disparity is a bit funny. The advantaged ones get complacent while the disadvantaged get comfortable in their complacency. And then you have people like us in the middle who struggle to make sense of it. Lahore, just like any other city (looking at you, Chicago), holds families who live very different experiences…. Read more »


I’m Kimani, and my Undergraduate Research Project is based on synesthesia, a neurological condition in which some of the five senses are “cross-wired” in the brain, causing people to experience things like “tasting shapes” or “hearing color.” For my eight weeks, I’ll be painting what a synesthetic person experiences. This will be in order to… Read more »

Week Four!

Happy belated fourth of July! The lab was closed on Monday and Tuesday for the holiday, so I had a nice long weekend. The highlight was going to see fireworks- twice! On Monday night, I sat in my backyard in Deerfield with my family and some friends from high school to watch the fireworks go… Read more »


This morning started off with an assurance that I’ll be making friends quickly in Tokyo: my (accidentally) extra loud alarm went off at 7 a.m. in my first many-bed hostel room of the trip! Despite that I just arrived in Tokyo 12 hours earlier, however, and the fact that I jumped ahead 7 hours from… Read more »

Ready for analysis!

Last Monday I began the journey to analyze my plant samples on the IRMS (isotope ratio mass spectrometer). This beast of a machine is really a scientific marvel: using what is essentially a fancy lightbulb filament and a giant magnet, it sort out the lighter isotopes from the heavier ones and counts the relative abundances of… Read more »


During the past five weeks I’ve now been traveling, Blanche DuBois’ line “I’ve always been dependent on the kindness of strangers” has frequently popped into my head. While I am (hopefully) quite far from any mental hospital in Louisiana, I see some similarity between Blanche’s lack of touch with reality and my own ~loosened~ connection… Read more »

Budapest Community Gardens: an overview

Before coming to Budapest, I chose to study the city’s growing network of community gardens to help answer my question of how local food systems—in this case, community gardens—can help contribute to food security. Given the broad range of individuals, local governments, NGOs involved in the creation and management of community gardens across the city,… Read more »

Week Two!

The highlight of my second week of summer was a Wednesday night dinner out at Ema with my family, but more about that later on in this post 🙂 First, a little update on my research progress! On Monday I met with Dr. Welch to go over some content ideas and study names for our… Read more »