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Third Leg Pt.2

Well, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and put on some sunscreen, so I’m feeling more human. My stomach has also settled down some. Stansted airport is…interesting. I can’t say it’s bad, necessarily, but it’s definitely not ideal for a long layover. There’s not any publicly available outlets, which seems a bit strange… Read more »

Second Leg of the Journey to Rabat: Boston to London

So, I made it to Boston safe and sound, thank goodness. I only have 20 mins until I get on my flight to London, which doesn’t have any wifi, TVs, or hallmark of modern technological civilization, apparently. It’s fine. I’m not panicking about being on a metal bird for 6 hours with no wifi…not one… Read more »

From a Norbucks booth mid-spring quarter:

It’s the end of April, but the windchill here in Evanston today still hasn’t managed to creep past a balmy 40 degrees. I’m in the midst of midterms, teaching practicums, the Waa-Mu show, and countless meetings that are all beginning to weigh me down. While burdened with the spring quarter struggle–that every Northwestern student knows… Read more »

From a seat aboard Copa Airlines’ flight 229 to Panama City

A journey has begun—not the journey—but a journey nonetheless. It’s a Friday evening eight weeks deep into my third winter quarter here at Northwestern, but I’m not studying in Kresge, attending a student group meeting in Norris, or participating in my sorority’s big-little reveal. I’m sitting in seat 20A embarking on a trip to the… Read more »


Well, a lot has happened since my last blog post. I’m not sure where exactly to start, but notably, I am not currently in Argentina, per my original plan. I instead completed my circumnavigation (and flew straight from Australia to the U.S.) last week. Also notable are the physical risks posed by local food systems,… Read more »