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On Agency for Young Theatremakers and Self-Producing Plays

This summer, I was a grateful recipient of an Office of Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Grant (CTG) to produce my short play, Young Women of Valor in New York, at the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival (affectionately called OOB). This is, I imagine, an atypical sort of conference, and producing my OOB… Read more »

Singapore: local food production –> increased food security

Finally, here’s a post that directly responds to a fundamental research question of mine: how do local farms contribute to a city’s food security? (In my last two blog posts, I’ve answered a similar question: why are local food organizations and non-production focused farms important to ensure Singapore’s food security? Local food organizations promote consumer…

How can education and awareness increase food security?

In a continuation of my little how-the-heck-is-what-I’m-studying-related-to-food-security series, through this through this blog post, I seek to answer the following question: How can non-production focused farms (i.e. agritourism-focused or educational farms) increase a city’s food security? My short answer is the following: Agritourism & educational farms and other local food organizations teach urban residents about… Read more »

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Impeached

We have been busy trying to wrap up our research here. Towards the halfway mark, we had to revisit what we have done. Then, we decide on our angle for our long-form piece and documentary. We scheduled more face time with our subjects to get more material. Also, some nice intimate dinner with them to… Read more »

Can small-scale local food production really increase a city’s food security?

Throughout this summer, I’ve struggled with the following question: How can local food production spaces (e.g. urban/peri-urban farms, community farms/gardens*, and people’s home gardens) that don’t produce significant amounts of food (for individual households or through other retail channels) increase a city’s food security? Can they? Through this blog post, I’ll focus on how/why/if community… Read more »

Daichi wo Mamuro

After racing in a giant circle across the Bangkok airport, accomplishing none of my wifi dependent tasks I hoped to do before my second (this) flight, I’ve finally just sat down at the same seat I got out of about half an hour. To clarify, my airport lap was not accidental: it was necessary to… Read more »


When I met Fatima for the first time, she struck off as a lovely, graceful lady. At the same time, she managed to command respect from everyone at the Bonded Labour Liberation Front. Now, those are a few signs of a great leader. Fatima was very comfortable in front of the camera too. I did… Read more »


We set out for Lahore to find out why the practice of bonded labor is still happening despite it being illegal in Pakistan. Pre-assumptions aside, we needed to speak with people who understand the topic well. So far, we spoke with those who are in the brick kiln industry, which practices bonded labor widely, a lawyer… Read more »

Tokyo: Taiyo Marche & Teikei

Sunday morning, I woke up early to meet Dr. Masashi Tachiwaka at a farmers’ market. Taiyo Marche, or ‘Market of the Sun’ is regarded as Tokyo’s largest farmers’ market. It hosts about 100 producers of fresh foods, prepared foods, crafts, and other goods every other weekend. Dr. Tachiwaka, a sociologist from Nagoya University who specializes… Read more »