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Shadowing an Obgyn!

Last week I had the privilege of shadowing an obgyn at Northwestern Memorial! Dr. Howard Arof is a family friend from my church and attended Northwestern for undergrad and medical school as part of the Honors Program in Medical Education. He has been there ever since for his residency and practice. With such purple pride… Read more »

Week One!

The Sunday after finals week, I moved into my friend’s apartment in Rogers Park to get the summer started! I am subletting from her until the start of July, when my own lease in Evanston begins. While it is a much quicker commute to work downtown from Rogers Park, I hadn’t anticipated all of the… Read more »


People often ask me how I chose the seven cities I am visiting this summer. My formal answer for research purposes is that my study cities are large, metropolitan areas where local stakeholders have made significant investments into food security and/or local food systems. In less formal circumstances, I state the previous plus explain how… Read more »

A little background about my work this summer…

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share more of my experience at the Exercise and Health Lab (EHL) with you. I joined Dr. Phillip’s lab at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine last fall to help with the Fit2Thrive study, an app-based exercise intervention designed to help breast cancer survivors become more physically active. Everyone… Read more »

Differenzi Culturali Pt. 1 – Milan Food Policy

This summer, I am visiting seven different countries. In each country, I am studying a different type of local food system, such as household urban agriculture, community gardens, and community supported agriculture. There are major, obvious differences between these LFS—e.g. one family has a way different potential production capacity in a few square-meter vegetable garden… Read more »

Italian Food and Economic Solidarity

I had a wonderful first full day in Milan. Granted, I spent two months here doing an internship last fall. So, arriving at the airport yesterday, knowing which public bus to get on, arriving at my traditional Italian-style Airbnb without trouble, and then meeting my friend to see a late-night philharmonic concert in the plaza… Read more »

Sarah Rose Graber’s 2004 Circumnavigator’s Blog

September 13, 2004: Miami, Florida, USA I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I have travelled completely around the world! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! I learned more on this trip than I ever could have learned in years and years of school. The theatre organizations, educational programs, companies, schools, universities, museums, outreach programs and performances I experienced have provided… Read more »