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Chris Ahern’s 2007 Circumnavigator’s Trip Blog

Welcome to the website for the Circumnavigator Foundation’s Travel Around the World Study Grant Scholar, Northwestern University senior Christopher Ahern. Chris beginning his journey at O’Hare Airport on Friday, June 15th – – just after 5:30 AM. See below for dispatches from Chris as he undertakes his research project. *Photos* See the latest photos from… Read more »

Harris Sockel’s Circumnavigator’s Blog 2008

Week 1 June 16-18, 2008 Chicago à Philadelphia à London à Paris In This Week: US Airways Madness and Serendipity Un congrès de poètes Mary Kinzie’s International Renown “If The Universe Is Shaped Like a Fractal…tal…tal…” and much much more… Paris 11:00PM June 18th Well, I am going around the WORLD!!  Always going forwards, never… Read more »

Views from the Brussels Airport: Looking ahead to Milan and back on Kampala

Well, potentially contrary to my circumnavigator’s spirit, I’ve decided to stay in the airport during my current ten-hour layover in Brussels. I was originally routed to fly from Entebbe to Doha, then Doha to Milan to arrive in Milan seven hours ago. But, due to recent airspace bans for Qatar Airways, my first flight would… Read more »


This summer I will be continuing my work at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in the Exercise and Health Lab with an independent project interviewing breast cancer survivors to determine what they would like to see out of a technologically based exercise program for women receiving breast cancer treatment. I was fortunate to receive… Read more »

Lots of Matooke

I explained my trip and research topic to a lot of people before I began traveling. After listening closely to my detailed explanation, about half of my friends took a second, tilted their heads, and then asked me, “Wait… you’re getting a bunch of money to travel around the world eating food?”   The short… Read more »


My name is Shara Feit, and I am a playwright, actor, coffee-lover, essayist, and aspiring Yiddishist. This summer will be an adventure in multiple cities and continents, in playwriting, in the Yiddish language, in feminist theory and thought, in international theatre practice, and in all the books I read along the way. I will be… Read more »


Welcome to “Notes From The Stacks,” a catalogue of my time spent in the depths of the WNUR archives this summer.  I’m going to be posting my favorite music finds from WNUR’s vast catalogue here throughout the summer along with my experiences and interesting finding.  Right now, I am in the development process for my… Read more »

First post!

Measures of electrical activity from the brain provide great insight into neural processes related to sensation and perception.  An important subset of this field of neuroscience seeks to understand how different brain processes respond to different stimuli. A frequent and ubiquitous current stimulus is the mobile phone (MP). Research in the Suzuki and Grabowecky lab… Read more »

First start!

This summer I will be living in Evanston, spending my days in Dr. Maggie Osburn’s isotope geobiology lab and Dr. Yarrow Axford’s paleolimnology lab. What motivates me to spend eight-hour days in a room with minimal windows (apart from grant funding…)? I am looking to answer questions about how Greenland’s climate has changed over the… Read more »