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Beginning the Circumnavigation…

Well, I’ve been in Canada for about half an hour now, and I’m about to leave what has briefly been my first country outside of the United States on my circumnavigation around the world this summer. Granted, the Circumnavigator Scholars grant does not permit North American countries to count as a part of the five-country,… Read more »

CityFood Symposium: Street Food Around the World

Last week, I was granted an incredible opportunity to ditch three days of school to go to New York and talk about food. More specifically, I listened to a group of incredible food studies academics present their research related to street food and engaged in (well, mostly still listened to) conversation and budding collaboration regarding topics of food consumption and… Read more »

Take Two!

So, that last blog post on the train ended short because I fell asleep. This morning I traced out the route of my upcoming circumnavigation on a map for my current hosts in Virginia, and they commented on how long many of the flights are I’ll be taking. I’m generally incapable of napping during the day, but my… Read more »

Getting ready!

Hi, from… Wilmington, Delaware!   No, this isn’t one of the stops on my future circumnavigation, but I suppose it is apropos that I’m writing my first blog post while in transit (even if it’s for Spring Break travel)?   Anyhow, yes—it is Spring Break! A magical week of no classes, which I’ve been waiting so… Read more »

I’m Home.

Hi everyone and sorry for the long period of silence. I arrived back in the U.S. last Sunday and have had a really busy 10 days moving apartments, going to a wedding, and quickly pulling together a research grant application to return to my Brazil case study (cross your fingers for me!). The first day… Read more »

Just Moms Try Electoral Politics

Sixty-five people gathered at the start time for the Moms’ (Just Moms STL) August meeting, this time in a union hall. At least ten more straggled in, as confused newcomers navigated construction on the road outside. Billed as a candidate’s forum instead of the normal monthly updates, the meeting was in some ways a test… Read more »

“The Solution to Pollution is Dilution.”

Once a month, the Moms of West Lake Landfill host a community meeting to give updates about the conditions at the site and to give stakeholders and local officials a chance to interact with each other. It started over four years ago, when Ed Smith from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment met Karen Nickels… Read more »

Africa Wrap-Up

Hello from Dubai! It’s currently Friday afternoon here. I just spent 10 days in Tamale, the capital of the Northern region of Ghana. On Tuesday I traveled to Accra, Ghana, where I spent the night before beginning my travels to Malaysia via Dubai (as someone afraid of flying it was just lovely waking up to… Read more »

A little history

Designing a summer research project to do in my home community has been an amazing experience. Not only am I putting the resources that Northwestern offers its undergrads to work to produce better understanding of a problem, but I get to do it at home, addressing an issue that directly affects the people I care… Read more »