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From URG to ULG: A Summer in North Africa

This past year I won a grant to study French in Morocco. The office of Undergraduate Research’s “Undergraduate Language Grant” is going to help me go the extra mile in my language learning. I first wanted to learn French when I was in the second grade. Somehow, I remember talking with my mom about languages…. Read more »

Week 8

After 8 weeks of class, I’m not really sure where my Chinese stands. It’s difficult to judge my progress because I chose to stick with an intermediate class a bit above my level for the program. While I often feel embarrassed around my classmates, I realize almost all of them have objectively studied Chinese longer than I… Read more »

That Look

People keep giving me that look when I tell them that I’m going to Barcelona for six weeks to take a class in Spanish conversation.  It’s that look of skepticism and confusion, sometimes even with a little bit of disgust mixed in, that people show when they see or hear something completely unexpected.  You see,… Read more »