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From a seat aboard Copa Airlines’ flight 229 to Panama City

A journey has begun—not the journey—but a journey nonetheless. It’s a Friday evening eight weeks deep into my third winter quarter here at Northwestern, but I’m not studying in Kresge, attending a student group meeting in Norris, or participating in my sorority’s big-little reveal. I’m sitting in seat 20A embarking on a trip to the… Read more »

Ready to go

I got the Undergraduate Language Grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research to study Arabic language in American in Beirut, Lebanon. Let me show you the magnificent scenery and stories in this country.

Super hero help getting started in research!

A few years ago, I created a series of workshops designed to help students unfamiliar with the research process to learn how to get started.  The workshops were a “big” success – we had a couple dozen students.  However, it made me aware of how many weren’t there, including those who wanted to attend but… Read more »

Interlude: A Photo Essay of Summer 2016

So far I’ve posted mostly about what happened in my research work. But this doesn’t mean that I have not had fun! In fact, this summer was full of fun times and adventures, ranging from multiple dinner night-out with friends to my first Fourth of July celebration in the US (!!!) to an excursion all the… Read more »

Week 3: Another Promising Initial Result before Entering the Limbo

At the end of Week 2, given all the adjustments made in the previous two weeks, Professor Riecke and I have agreed to use MATLAB and proceed with the next stage of my URG project. As proposed in my URG proposal, I would test how better/worse does the simulated network of neurons perform in odor discrimination when we don’t… Read more »