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From URG to ULG: A Summer in North Africa

This past year I won a grant to study French in Morocco. The office of Undergraduate Research’s “Undergraduate Language Grant” is going to help me go the extra mile in my language learning. I first wanted to learn French when I was in the second grade. Somehow, I remember talking with my mom about languages…. Read more »

Ready to go

I got the Undergraduate Language Grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research to study Arabic language in American in Beirut, Lebanon. Let me show you the magnificent scenery and stories in this country.

That Look

People keep giving me that look when I tell them that I’m going to Barcelona for six weeks to take a class in Spanish conversation.  It’s that look of skepticism and confusion, sometimes even with a little bit of disgust mixed in, that people show when they see or hear something completely unexpected.  You see,… Read more »