Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Meaning of Life

On my first morning in Kigali this summer, I woke up to Jason Derulo singing “Whatcha Say.” I had one of those surreal moments where I panicked, forgot where I was, remembered I was in Rwanda, and then promptly wondered whether I was sure it wasn’t a dream because Derulo was definitely playing outside my [...]

A Tale of Two Cities

What is it about Rwanda that makes even ten days so intoxicating? During the summer, I learned so much about life, about teaching, and about myself. I learned to breathe. I remembered how to stroll. I realized how vibrant and satiating life could be and I started to absorb that energy and vitality. I did [...]

“YOU WILL FALL”: A Lesson on Limitations and Perspective

Before I get too carried away with telling you another miserable story of traveling woes, I would like to say: Even in the hell that is Washington Dulles International Airport, there are so many angels. I was hoping that my next blog post would be titled: “SURPRISE! I MADE IT BACK TO RWANDA!” Instead, I’m [...]