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Kampala: In the Heart of Africa

Ensi ndungi, Traveling makes me EMO sometimes, okay?! The plush seats of Emirate Airlines have gently deposited me in the heart of Africa, and as a sage once said, “This isn’t Kansas anymore, Toto.” I was welcomed by a three-hour wait in the immigration line, equatorial heat (which is somehow much milder than Frankfurt’s weather,… Read more »

Langenhain: Still Learning to Say “Auf Wiedersehen”

Freundliche Welt, No one said it was easy, tossing my bag of bones around the world. But I had no clue that the secret mode of transportation on this small globe was the Emotional Rollercoaster! Wow this is a sticky situation, my friends: two weeks per destination is such a wonderful/troubling amount of time. It… Read more »

Netherlands: The Haarlem Globetrotter

Vriendelijke Wereld, My brave, little heart took the leap out of the safety of my German village homebase for a day. This past Wednesday, I traveled (in quite an appropriate direction) northwest to witness the European premier of “The Crossing,” which is a professional choral ensemble based out of Philadelphia and directed by my choral… Read more »