Intro to The World is a Book

I’ve been exploring and pushing boundaries since I was a child. My parents groan when they recall the difficult time they had rearing me: I never wanted to eat, never wanted to sleep, and was constantly in the midst of a new adventure – whether it involved falling out of a window in an attempt to fly, reenacting battle scenes from Star Wars at family dinner parties, or creating original works of art with the brilliant colors and materials provided by my lunch. I was born with a thirst to learn and a desire to challenge conventional parameters.

I come from a family of computer scientists, so my aspirations and interests have always been – well, shall we say, different? Instead of excelling at math and science, I thrived in the humanities and the arts, and my career goals shifted from becoming a fashion designer, to pursuing piano, to writing novels, to marrying a prince (and subsequently becoming a princess – I admit I still haven’t entirely abandoned this one). Now, as a junior at Northwestern, I’ve decided to pursue a career in secondary education as a double major in English Literature and African Studies.

As an aspiring educator, I believe that teachers should teach where they are most needed and where they can achieve the greatest positive impact. My particular interests lie in the role education plays in development and I am especially concerned with supporting the most vulnerable members of society – women and children. Since high school, I have wanted to teach English in Africa. After coming to Northwestern, I realized my desire to teach in Rwanda and be a part of post-genocide reconstruction efforts.

This summer, I will get a taste of what I hope to do for a lifetime.

I will spend two months in Rwanda during which time I will design, implement, and evaluate a working English Language Learning curriculum for the Network for Africa Learning Centre in Kigali. I will also be in the capital for the presidential election in August. I am simultaneously thrilled and nervous to have this opportunity to unite all three of my academic interests – English, African Studies, and Secondary Education – in a beautiful country with a rich and fascinating history, and an exciting future ahead.

I invite you to join me in being a part of that future on my greatest adventure yet.