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So I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a little island off of Guatemala and visit a school there for girls. 🙂 Jumping into the river, eating Tapados… the place was adorable, so much culture but many of the same patterns of discrimination and injustice. I’ll write more soon, but check out the Flickr photo… Read more »

On “Hotel Rwanda” and Concerned Grandparents

I watched Hotel Rwanda for the first time today, after months of prodding from my parents and friends. Although I haven’t quite decided how I feel about the film, there was one particular scene that caught my attention. *Excerpt taken from Hotel Rwanda (2004): Shooting script. Written by: Pearson, Keir, fl. 1991-2007; George, Terry, 1952-…. Read more »

Preview: Living Accommodations

  MURAHO! (Hello! in Kinyarwanda) I’m still in Evanston, but I finally figured out my living accommodations for the next two months! For 400 USD a month, I get a room in a house where “everything is included (gardens, a housemaid that comes 3 times per week, internet, washing machine).” Here are some pictures!

Auto Safari Chapin!

Wow. I just came back yesterday from an Auto Safari in Chapin in Guatemala and it was the coolest, not seeing the animals, but seeing the reactions of some of the kids’ faces. I was lucky enough to be included with the school’s once-a-year excursion trip and it was so cool to ride up with… Read more »


The Circumnavigation has BEGUN! Day 1: I arrived in Guatemala City today at six in the morning. It was so cool to be back in this beautiful, mountainous country, filled with culture and colors. Ms Gilda was a great help to be at the airport and  it’s been splendid. I took a scenic bus ride to… Read more »

Have books? DONATE!

I dropped by Borders today and discovered a clearance section with $1 classics. The cashier was very amused as I made trips back and forth with armfuls of books to price check. Every time he scanned a book and it showed up as $1, I’d jump up and down and say “Really? Are you serious?”… Read more »

New Eyes

The Journey begins on June 21 to Guatemala at the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy (Suppor them TODAY HERE) I cannot wait to go! As I’m looking through travel books and my favorite The Travel Book, I am reminded that while Adventure is OUT THERE, I need new eyes to look at the places I am right now. Each country,… Read more »

On Education

Many people have asked me, “Why are you teaching English in Rwanda? What makes you think that the Rwandan people need to know English? What qualifications and what right do you have to take what you have learned here to teach students there?” My response to these questions has always come from an educational angle…. Read more »

I’m a Senior(???) and Preparation for Rwanda

As celebrations and farewell parties mark the end of my third year at Northwestern, travel vaccines and hours spent browsing (Kigali’s form of mark the beginning of an exciting upcoming three months that promise to be drastically different from any summer vacation I’ve ever had in my life. For one thing, this summer… Read more »