Have books? DONATE!

I dropped by Borders today and discovered a clearance section with $1 classics. The cashier was very amused as I made trips back and forth with armfuls of books to price check. Every time he scanned a book and it showed up as $1, I’d jump up and down and say “Really? Are you serious?” until finally he just looked at me and said, “Yes, ma’am they are all $1.”

I left Borders with three giant bags of cookbooks and multiple copies of classics that included Robinson Crusoe, The Scarlet Letter, and Villette.

I am trying to amass the following books for a much-needed library at the Kigali Learning Center.

  1. picture dictionaries + CD
  2. dialogue books + CD
  3. simple story books + CD
  4. self teaching English videos
  5. writing letters books
  6. resume/ CV books
  7. simple history books
  8. simple theater books
  9. comprehensive books +CD
  10. reference books

If you have any books that you want to donate, please let me know.

You can post to this blog or email me at lydia-hsu@northwestern.edu.

I will be on campus until July 18. Thanks!