The Circumnavigation has BEGUN!

Day 1:

Arriving in Guate City!I arrived in Guatemala City today at six in the morning. It was so cool to be back in this beautiful, mountainous country, filled with culture and colors. Ms Gilda was a great help to be at the airport and  it’s been splendid.

I took a scenic bus ride to Xela, a beautiful quaint city in the mountains, a “walking” city was what I was told and I really want to explore the little nooks and the little market called Mercado de Flores.

My first meal here. Amazing enchilada- I think it

Scenic bus rideI had lunch, a little enchilada – 5 Quetzales just hit the spot.

Fresh rice and sauce and a mix of fruit jellies were a treat as well as I finally got to the room and met the family I would be staying with. We bonded over the Spain-Hon game- football is really the world sport.

It reminded my of a conversation I had with Don Parish, a member of the Circumnavigators Club of Chicago. He said he noticed that when you travel, you start to notice certain things. What he noticed was cucumbers. There are cucumbers in every country and culture, but each are different and used for different purposes. In a small way- cucumbers are like a band that stretched across cultures and I can’t wait to make more of those discoveries on this journey. Football is another. And I think to a certain extent, being human and sharing the same feeling of laughter, greetings and how people care for the other also span across space and country. I’m going to be able to see that this summer.

When Steve (the coordinator here) and I took a tour around the school, I started thinking about my research the more I am ready to be surprised by the work the schools around the world are doing. Schools have such a special energy and I can’t wait to make this world and this trip my classroom.

Also- photos come tomorrow! :)

– Meixi