Auto Safari Chapin!


I just came back yesterday from an Auto Safari in Chapin in Guatemala and it was the coolest, not seeing the animals, but seeing the reactions of some of the kids’ faces.

I was lucky enough to be included with the school’s once-a-year excursion trip and it was so cool to ride up with the vice-principal and talk with him about what this trip meant to the kids. They don’t usually have to opportunity to go out alone without their parents and travel to another part of the country, and as he was describing each place we passed by, he said, “This is so they know their country and their place.”

I loved that statement because I think the excursion for me was more that ride than the actual place. It was about learning about what is needed for Guatemalan youth and how this school is trying to help with understand their sense of place and who they were, what their country looked like and their place in it.

I’ve been learning a lot too, from the family that I am staying with. They are the cutest.

This learning journey continues! 🙂