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  It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two weeks since I landed in Kigali. I have experienced and learned so much that it feels as if my time here has been much longer. Did I really take my first taxi-moto just 12 days ago? Was it only last week that I ate my… Read more »

Tops and TVs

As I’m in Costa Rica now waiting for the plane to Los Angeles and then Hong Kong and then Singapore, I kept thinking, man what made Perú so special and these are my thoughts so far. For some reason I couldn’t upload photos, but here’s a slideshow for now! 1. Celebration, Gratitude and Giving without… Read more »

Learning From Teaching

I taught my first full class today. EVER. I’ve TA-ed, I’ve subbed, I’ve taught for part of a class period – but TODAY was the first day I’ve ever walked into a classroom with a prepared lesson plan in hand and heard students greet me as “Ms. Teacher.” 🙂 The following 3.5 hours were terrifying,… Read more »

The Last Day in Perú

We had more celebrations in Peru for the Fiestas Patrias and I can hardly believe it’s my LAST DAY in Perú tomorrow. Here are some more photos from the celebrations! I’ve honestly been swept away by the immense generosity and humility of the people here, the wisdom that exists in this country and the stories… Read more »

Stop and Stare

I figured I’d include a post about all the non-education related highlights of my stay thus far. So I’ve compiled an eclectic assortment of thoughts, notes, and pictures to give you an idea of what life’s been like outside of the school! Frustrating Transportation: I confess that I only half-believed my contacts when they told… Read more »

First day at the Learning Centre

  Kagame is EVERYWHERE! A view of Kigali My first full day in Kigali: I wake up late, completely jet-lagged and tangled in my mosquito net Run to the “shower” which is really a(n unpredictable) trickle of lukewarm water from a rusty faucet head. No curtain. Seriously consider chopping off all my hair to save… Read more »


There’s something special about a community that gives. Many have asked, why do you love it here? And here’s my reply. I love it because of the people and their spirit of love and generosity. When we talk about communities and their strength, I see it here. I see in in the life and the… Read more »

MURAHO from Kigali!

First plane to Rome I am FINALLY in Kigali 🙂 🙂 Just getting here has been such an adventure and I met so many wonderful people on the way! Sitting next to me from Washington Dulles to Addis Ababa was the sweetest Ethiopian lady who encouraged me to stay in Ethiopia with her. Most interesting… Read more »


I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Festidanza, this annual even that brought together all the schools in the region to celebrate the Peruvian culture! 🙂 The Festidanza was amazing. The culture here is Peru is wonderfully rich and it might be because it was close to the Peruvian national day but there seems… Read more »

Turn that frown upside down!

After two missed flights/connections, hours on hold waiting for my travel agency to rebook a flight, an overnight stay at Lansdowne Resort in D.C., and an hour waiting for Ethiopian Airlines to relocate my luggage – I am finally sitting at Gate D23, where I am supposed to be, getting ready to board Flight 503 to… Read more »