The Butchery



In paris!

So I just arrived in Paris and it’s been SWEET! I met Raphaelle here and am in her sweet apartment! However, it’s been so crazy trying to adjust into a country where the streets are clean and everything is orderly, the butchery is spick and span and there are building everywhere. Compared to the markets in Ghana, it’s almost like a fairytale here.

It was so hard to leave Ghana, the people were just incredible. And it’s harder knowing that so many realities exist in the world and shifting from one to the other’s hard, and even in Ghana itself there was the Accra mall and then the Community 1 market in Tema. Even in France, everyone’s reality is so different and I know it’s going to be completely different in the Roma communities here. I guess that’s what world travel is about- being able to shift from reality to reality to the next and being able to connect with people no matter what the reality is, and getting into communities. Our good friend, Kwehkuu brought us to his home in Tema, to meet his kids, and it was the most beautiful experience to meet his family and see his story and his people. Maybe that’s travel.

More photos HERE!