La Vie á Paris!

boat sailing
Life in Paris is slow, where it’s against the law to work more than 35 hours a week, and 60% of the GDP is spent of education. Even getting a master’s program costs close to nothing. 🙂 Cities are usually hustling and bustling at every hour, every minute, but less so here. When things shut down- they really shut down.

It’s a weird combination for me, I’ve never seen anything like it.

le tour e!

It’s an interesting change of pace and I can see why it’s such a hot spot for tourists, but for me, I looking for the life in Paris, the stories here, the small communities where everyone knows everyone and I’m sure there are semblances of that here- I’ve just got to find it. But until then, here are some photos to give a taste of life here!

I’m trying to uncover all the french I’ve learned at school and it’s coming back slowly. 🙂

– Meixi
watching boats by the pond
a slow day in paris
jardin de luxumborg
yum yum yum
le tour effiel
the effiel tower!