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I’ve received so many queries about Rwandan cuisine that I figured I should dedicate an entire post to food. Enjoy! First off, Rwandans LOVE meat. ALL MEAT. I’ve only come across one Rwandan vegetarian and he went to school in the States (so maybe he doesn’t count?). The most affordable meats are goat and then… Read more »

An Addendum

I just returned from a small farewell party organized by the Institute Film Family at Sundowner (a bar/club just down the street from my house). A woman named Maggie Williams provided free film classes to the Cinema Centre for a month, and the members of the Cinema Centre invited me to meet her at the… Read more »

My (Unofficial) Side Project: The Film Industry in Rwanda

Right now, it looks like a grass clearing sectioned off with brick walls, but next year, this will be Rwanda’s first movie theater. Joseph Njata navigates me through a maze of rudimentary structures, gesturing with large hand motions the grand scope of the Rwanda Cinema Centre project. Even though there are random wooden beams jutting… Read more »

African Sun

There were some problems with my computer and it’s been wonderful to finally have internet access. Oh I am so excited to finally be in the continent of AFRICA. I had heard so much about it, and had wanted to come since I was 12 and I am finally here. 🙂 It’s been SUCH a… Read more »

On Love, Death, and Life – Part I: LOVE

It has been very difficult to process the events of the last few days. I’ve kept friends, family, and you – my dear blog readers – posted on the various details and reflections I’ve had on my experiences here. However, I find that it’s been really hard to quantify many of these experiences in words… Read more »

Sunset Welcome

So Sangkhlaburi is BEAUTIFUL and today i’ve done about 10 interviews with all the teachers at this schools and about 4 students. However, I can’t post photos of the kids for protection but interviewing them today was special. They were filled with hopes and dreams for their village, and their own lives. They hoped for… Read more »

A Somber Update

One of the teachers at the Learning Centre passed away last night, after being hit by the grenade on Wednesday. I will have to sub for his evening class until they find a new teacher. I think he just got married a year ago and has a very young child. We may visit his family… Read more »

Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. In light of yesterday’s events, I decided to use the bombing as a teaching point for today’s lesson plan about writing. “What happened yesterday?” I asked the students. I wrote on the board the 5 W’s (and 1 H): Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? The students seemed hesitant… Read more »


A bomb just went off in town a couple hours ago (apparently at 7 PM? And it’s 9:07 PM right now). It’s not on the news yet and I haven’t heard anything from the U.S. Embassy. I’m alright  – although I was at UTC just an hour before, and my friend who was in the… Read more »