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In light of today’s election, I figured I’d include a post with more photos to demonstrate just how prevalent Kagame is when I say “Kagame is EVERYWHERE.” Literally. Everywhere. I walked around town on Saturday and documented some of the instances just so I could give you an idea of what “campaigning” is like in… Read more »

Building the House

Singapore was incredible and this time I managed to connect with many people who have hearts for the social justice work in Singapore and from two people I had deep conversations with, they encouraged me to look at my own country and see the needs here. Doing volunteer work is becoming increasingly “sexy” in Singapore-… Read more »

Perspective and Purpose

I’ve been at such a high in the past few weeks that I suppose it is inevitable that I would finally hit a low. One of my students had been asking me to visit his family for sometime now, and I finally agreed. After class today, I packed up my netbook, erased the whiteboard, and then walked to Novotel with him. I was so excited to not only have the opportunity to meet his family and see his house, but also to gain a new perspective of Rwanda in an area of Kigali I had never been.


Today’s been quite a hectic day of interviews but it’s been wonderful. The energy that exists in this school is wonderful and I am learning so much every single day. One of my favorite lines from Mrs Chua, the principal here, is I have got to be the CEO- the Chief Energy Officer- because this… Read more »

If I were a boy…

AN UPDATE: I now have FORTY students. Can you imagine? The first day, there were 19. The second day, there were 30. And now … there are FORTY. I thought just having nineteen students would be challenging since they are all at different levels in their English, but forty??? Definitely not what I expected –… Read more »


It’s my third day at NorthLight and it has been absolutely wonderful. It’s a school for students labeled “academic failures” and this has been a place of hope and inspiration. The teachers’ dedication and love for their students were evident in the way they would spend time with them, sit with the students in the… Read more »

Umuzungu! Umuzungu! Konnichiwa? Ni-hao? …?

  Since I’ve arrived here, people have been intensely curious about my ethnicity. After giving my name, I am nearly always asked, “Where are you from?” By this point, I’ve given up answering “Chicago.” Now, I just skip to the real object of the question and state, “My parents are from Taiwan.” Sometimes, I have… Read more »


It’s almost hard to see the world with new eyes, especially when you are at home. But I guess that is the greatest challenge, and the most exciting one. Being in Guatemala and Peru has helped make that a little easier and I almost can’t believe I’m in a whole new world here. Singapore, developed,… Read more »