Monthly Archives: September 2011

Moving On

As I continue on this journey, I have decided to create my own website to keep people updated on my progress and maintain all my work. The web site can be found at . I will be updating it periodically on my thesis progress as well as some other projects I have begun working… Read more »

Mama ZuZu, Isabelle Kamariza, X, & Me

PART I It all started with Mama ZuZu. Here is a woman whose smile never stops. Mama ZuZu is thirty-eight years old, unemployed, and a mother of eight. She handles the affairs of her household, regularly attends church, and prepares meals for her children. However, starting two years ago, Mama ZuZu also began to incorporate… Read more »

A Reflection and Thanks

So my circumnavigation has come to an end. I am now back in Evanston, moving back into my house, seeing my friends and preparing for the start of my Senior year. I can’t believe how fast this summer has past and how much of the world I have had the opportunity to explore. No longer… Read more »

Big Ben, Big Ideas, and Big Finale

Less than 24 hours left. After almost 3 months of traveling, interviews and hundreds of inspiring tales of sustainable development, I am down to a less than a day. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around this idea but I will enjoy my last night in London and head back to… Read more »