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The Land Down Under – A Home Away From Home

After half a summer of blistering heat, it was finally time to switch hemispheres. I journeyed south from Thailand to Australia and traded in the hectic metropolis of Bangkok for the friendly harbor city of Sydney. Upon exiting the plane I immediately felt at home – the language was my own, the city reminded me… Read more »

Stop and Smell the Roses

My time in Thailand was originally supposed to be a quick layover in the Bangkok airport on my way to Sydney, but I decided to extend my stay since it was the first time I’d been in Asia. I had no museums to visit or research to conduct, but as it could be many years… Read more »

Morocco Snapshots

Marrakech               Sahara Desert Excursion            Casablanca         Rabat          

The Kindness of Strangers

Since my eventual departure from Morocco was scheduled for Casablanca, I made the train journey there with three friends I met in my Marrakech hostel. Özlem – a Turkish woman born and raised in Germany – had no definite travel plans for the rest of her time in the country, so she decided to tag… Read more »

Sunset in the Sahara

Some of the most memorable 48 hours of the summer were spent on a two-day, one-night excursion into the Sahara Desert. I signed up with three other friends from my hostel in Marrakech and the following day we hopped on a small tour bus to make the long journey southeast. About 16 people total fit… Read more »

The Magic of Morocco

After a couple stops across Western Europe, I was ready to jump continents and spice things up a bit. My original itinerary dictated a flight East to Israel, but due to some last-minute modifications I found myself journeying South to Morocco! I flew out of Barcelona into Marrakech and immediately upon exiting the airport realized… Read more »

La Belleza de Barcelona

To my delight, the next location on my itinerary was Spain – the only country I had visited outside of the United States before this summer. While studying abroad and interning there as an English teacher last year, I had the chance to visit everywhere from Nerja to Córdoba to Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela. With over 15 Spanish cities checked off my… Read more »

France Snapshots

Collioure          Tautavel             Perpignan                   

Musée de la Préhistoire

My second case study of the summer was at the Musée de la Préhistoire in Tautavel, France. The town became famous for its proximity to Argo Cave, a landmark situated on a steep slope above the Roussillon Plain of Tautavel and the River Verdouble. Evidence of Homo erectus occupation can be seen throughout the cave… Read more »

The Charms of Southern France

The morning after my voyage from England to France, I woke up early to complete a trial day trip to Tautavel. The Musée de la Préhistoire was the one case study for which my accommodation was not local, thus, I wanted to make sure I knew well in advance how to navigate my way between… Read more »