Monthly Archives: June 2014

Tanzania: week 1!

Where to begin with this past week? So much as happened that it feels like I’ve been in Tanzania for much longer than a week; but with seven more weeks left in my program, I know that there is still so much more to experience. The way my program is set up, the first two… Read more »

Words, words, words…

I’m back! These posts are starting out sparse because, as of now, I’m still waiting on some of my music via InterLibrary Loan and am mostly reading books to give myself context and background information. And, as excited as I am about reading all three volumes of Ruth Friedberg’s “American Art Song and American Poetry,”… Read more »

Weeks 1 and 2 in the Lab

My study is ready for its first participants!  Here is what I have been working on over the past few weeks: Filming a video for the study stimuli with the help of some research assistant friends Recording sentences for the test portion of the study. I <3 my Midwestern accent. It will never change. 🙂… Read more »

El Lago Hermoso | The Beautiful Lake

This weekend, I was able to take a break from my research and retreat to Lago Atitlán to enjoy the beautiful lake. It’s rainy season here in Guatemala, which lasts every year from around May until September. Because of this, it was no surprise when it started to pour rain on the journey from Tecpán… Read more »

Jet lag sets in

My comrades and I have finally made it to Tanzania!! We’ve only been in our home for about 5 hours, but we’ve already done so much. However, no matter how hard I try, my brain refuses to work correctly and I continue to yawn every few minutes. Jet lag is already setting in. Before hoping… Read more »

Hey, everyone!

Welcome to my blog where I will be documenting my research experience in Dakar, Senegal for the next two months. I will be researching the relationship between youth and political parties in the aftermath of a widespread protest movement called Y’en a marre. This is my first time in Africa and my first time traveling… Read more »

The Iximché Ruins

Yesterday, I was able to visit the Iximché ruins, which lie about 4 kilometers from Tecpán and are surrounded by steep ravines. Iximché was the capital of the Kaqchikel Maya in the 15th and 16th century. The Kaqchikel Maya were allies to the large K’iche Mayan population in Guatemala’s western highlands throughout the 14th century…. Read more »

Getting This Show on the Road

So, I guess the fact that I am posting on this blog means I’m learning some stuff! That’s pretty cool. I’ve started this process exactly how I anticipated: with my nose in a book and, for better or for worse, perpetually irritating my roommate to tell him “just one more really cool thing about e.e…. Read more »

¡A Guatemala!

After two quarters of planning, a week of last minute preparations, and a very long day of travel, the trip has officially begun! I’ve been in Guatemala for three days now, and it is so wonderful to be back in the country that I fell in love with last summer. My flight arrived in Guatemala… Read more »