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Tips for Traveling alone

At times, it can be lonely. What can be fun is listening into other people’s conversations, and make up stories about their lives. If you happen to be someone who sings to yourself or has a tendency to accidentally talk to yourself, and then realize only after you pass someone that you are talking to… Read more »

The Addiction

Hi my name is Nikki, and I have been off of peanut butter for 32 days now. Unwillingly. You know, for the first month you don’t even realize that you are missing it. Sure an occasional “oh peanut butter would go really well with this” occurs, but it is more a drifting thought than an… Read more »

Mid-Pret Crisis

Dear Sally, I am currently traveling through London, but I have been having some trouble lately remembering where I am. The other day I was sitting in Pret A Manger, passing the hours working on my laptop before seeing an amazing production of The Crucible and as each hour passed I fell deeper and deeper… Read more »

Canada Month

Canada Day is a celebration of the creation of Canada, which occurred on July 1, 1867. Brampton’s seniors, meanwhile, have been celebrating Canada Day for the entire month. These celebrations take place in seniors clubs and public parks, with anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred seniors in attendance. Canada Day celebrations in seniors… Read more »

Fieldwork and Exploration

Wednesday July 23rd marked my second week out of the hospital and my fifth week into the trip. It was also my first day of fieldwork, an accumulation of six months of preliminary research, two months of editing a survey, one month of talking with Senegalese political leaders, and several weeks of finding a research… Read more »

peesa peesa

I’d like to step aside from being scholarly for a moment to share how much Punjabis love pizza. I’ve had pizza seven times in the last ten days, some of it cheap fast food, some very good sit-down, and another kind in an entirely different category: Indian pizza. If you’re curious: There’s butter chicken… Read more »

A Parents guide to TYA Theatre Going

Fun guide to parents/grandparents when taking kids to the theatre, based on discussions I have had with the pros! (Some are obvious, some seem counterintuitive at first, but then make complete sense). Conversation- though comments such as “look at that tiger!” or “do you see, the food just disappeared!” seem helpful to making sure children… Read more »

Anything Can Happen

I went to see a musical revue of this name yesterday, with songs written by none other than Stiles and Drewe (the duo that wrote Honk, Mary Poppins, and a bunch of other amazing shows), and it was great! The actors did excerpts from a variety of their shows including Soho Cinders, which intertwines elements… Read more »

Thursday Afternoon at the Dead Houses

  We made our way back to Ithaka to meet with Rob Levitsky on Thursday afternoon. The home was quiet, once again, when we arrived, so we decided to open the fence and walk into the backyard. The “backyard” spans nearly an acre. It includes several other houses that are used as community homes. There’s… Read more »

Sunday Dinner

family: a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head Every Sunday, the Rainbow Mansion has a “family dinner”, in which friends and extended Rainbow-community members come over to enjoy a meal with the house residents. Each week, a different member of the house is in charge of preparing a meal for the… Read more »